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内容提要:用发展的眼光看中国I hope more of you will turn your eyes to China, see my country in thelight of her development, and act as ambassadors of China-Britainfriendship. I believe that as long as you, the young people of China andBritain learn from each other and strive for progress hand in hand, youwill add a brilliant new chapter to the annals of our relations.

  Fourth, significantly raise the level of social security. We willcontinue to increase basic pension for enterprise retirees and upgrade thestandard of unemployment insurance and workers' compensation. We willraise the level of basic cost of living allowances in both urban and ruralareas and welfare allowances for those rural residents without familysupport. We are advancing the reform of the medical and health system andworking to put in place a nationwide basic medical and health systemcovering both urban and rural areas within three years and achieve thegoal of everyone having access to basic medical and health service. Wegive priority to education and are now working on the Guidelines of theNational Program for Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform andDevelopment. We are following a more active employment policy with specialemphasis on helping college graduates and migrant workers find jobs. Weare endeavoring to create more jobs and lessen the impact of the financialcrisis on employment. The aforementioned measures will help us boostdomestic demand, readjust and reinvigorate industries, enhance the supportof science and technology and strengthen social security all at the sametime. They will stimulate consumption through increased investment, driveeconomic growth while improving people's livelihood and creating morejobs, and see us through current difficulties while also improving thelong-term prospect of the Chinese economy. They will not only benefitChina's development, but also bring enormous business opportunities toother countries, Britain included.


  This once-in-a-century financial crisis is truly thought-provoking. Itreminds us of the need to have serious reflections on the existingeconomic systems and theories.        


  For many years in the past, China practiced a highly centralized plannedeconomy and regarded planning as being absolute. This hampered thedevelopment of productivity. The ongoing financial crisis has made itclear to us, however, that the market is not a cure-all, either. A totallylaissez-faire approach will inevitably lead to economic disorder andunfair social distribution, and will eventually take its toll. A crediblemarket-oriented reform should never set the market against governmentmacro-regulation. The invisible hand of the market and the visible hand ofgovernment and social supervision should both act, and act vigorously.

  Only in this way can resources be distributed according to market rulesand distributed in a reasonable, coordinated, balanced and sustainablemanner.


  The international financial crisis once again shows how dangerous amarket economy without regulation can be. Since the 1990s, someprofit-driven financial institutions in economies lacking effectiveregulation have raised massive capital with a leverage of dozens of times.

  While they reaped huge profits, the world was exposed to enormous risks.

  This fully demonstrates that a totally unregulated market economy cannotwork. We must strike a balance between financial innovation andregulation, between the financial sector and real economy, and betweensavings and consumption.


  To effectively meet the crisis, we must fully recognize the role ofmorality. Nothing is greater than morality. It shines even more brightlythan the sun. True economic theories will never come into conflict withthe highest moral and ethical standards. Instead, they should stand forjustice and integrity, and contribute in an equal way to the well-being ofall people, including the most vulnerable ones. Adam Smith, known as thefather of modern economics, held the view in The Theory of MoralSentiments that if the fruits of a society's economic development cannotbe shared by all, it is morally unsound and risky, as it is bound tojeopardize social stability. The loss of morality is an underlying causefor the current crisis. Some people have sacrificed principle and soughtprofits at the expense of public interests. They have crossed the moralbaseline. We should call on all enterprises to take up their socialresponsibilities. Within the body of every businessman should flow theblood of morality.        

    女士们,先生们!  Ladies and Gentlemen,


  Britain is the last leg of my European trip. I have gained a deeperunderstanding of Europe through this visit. China-EU cooperation is nowstanding at a new historical starting point and I am all the moreconfident about the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. Thereare no outstanding issues left over from history or conflict offundamental interests between the two sides. What we have is a solidfoundation and a bright future for cooperation. As the firstindustrialized country, Britain has accumulated rich experience ineconomic development and environmental protection. We hope to learn fromyour experience and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with you.


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