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内容提要:用发展的眼光看中国I hope more of you will turn your eyes to China, see my country in thelight of her development, and act as ambassadors of China-Britainfriendship. I believe that as long as you, the young people of China andBritain learn from each other and strive for progress hand in hand, youwill add a brilliant new chapter to the annals of our relations.

  To basically achieve modernization by the middle of this century, wemust accomplish three major tasks: first, achieve industrialization, whichEurope has long completed, while keeping abreast of the latest trends ofthe scientific and technological revolution; second, promote economicgrowth while ensuring social equity and justice; and third, pursuesustainable development at home while accepting our share of internationalresponsibilities. The journey ahead will be long and arduous, but noamount of difficulty will stop the Chinese people from marching forward.

  Through persistent efforts, we will reach our goal.


  My beloved motherland is a country that values her traditions whileopening her arms to the outside world.


  The traditional Chinese culture is rich, extensive and profound.

  Harmony, the supreme value cherished in ancient China, lies at the heartof the Chinese culture. The Book of History, an ancient classic in Chinafor example, advocates amity among people and friendly exchanges amongnations.


  The Chinese cultural tradition values peace as the most precious. Thishas nurtured the broad mind of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation isgenerous and tolerant, just as Mother Earth cares for all living things.

  She is in constant pursuit of justice, just as the eternal movement of theUniverse.


  In the 15th century, the famous Chinese navigator Zheng He led sevenmaritime expeditions to the Western Seas and reached over 30countries. Hetook with him Chinese tea, silk and porcelain and helped local peoplefight pirates as he sailed along. He was truly a messenger of love andfriendship.


  The argument that a big power is bound to seek hegemony does not applyto China. Seeking hegemony goes against China's cultural tradition as wellas the will of the Chinese people. China's development harms no one andthreatens no one. We shall be a peace-loving country, a country that iseager to learn from and cooperate with others. We are committed tobuilding a harmonious world.


  Different countries and nations need to respect, tolerate and learn fromeach other's culture. Today, 300 million Chinese are learning English andover one million of our young people are studying abroad. The cultures andarts of various parts of the world are featured daily on China'stelevision, radio and print media. Had we not learned from others throughexchanges and enriched ourselves by drawing on others' experience, wewould not have enjoyed today's prosperity and progress.


  In the 21st century, economic globalization and the information networkhave linked us all together. Different cultures live together andinfluence each other. No culture can flourish in isolation. How much acountry or a nation contributes to the culture of humanity is increasinglydetermined by her ability to absorb foreign cultures and renew herself.

  That is why China will remain open and receptive, value her own traditionswhile drawing on others' successful experience, and achieve economicprosperity and social progress in a civilized and harmonious way.


  Ladies and Gentlemen,我之所以强调用发展的眼光看中国,就是因为世界在变,中国也在变。如今的中国,早已不是一百年前封闭落后的旧中国,也不是30年前贫穷僵化的中国。经过改革开放,中国的面貌已焕然一新。北京奥运会向世界展示的,就是这样一个古老、多彩和现代的中国。我希望朋友们,多到中国走一走、看一看,了解今天的中国人究竟在想什么、做什么、关心什么。这样,有助于你们认识一个真实的、不断发展变化着的中国,也有助于你们了解中国是如何应对当前这场全球性金融危机的。

  I stress the importance of seeing China in the light of her development,because the world is changing and China is changing. China is no longerthe closed and backward society it was 100 years ago, or the poor andossified society 30 years ago. Thanks to reform and opening-up, China has taken on a new look. What the BeijingOlympic Games showcased is a colorful China, both ancient and modern. Itherefore encourage you to visit China more often and see more placesthere. This way, you will better understand what the Chinese people arethinking and doing, and what they are interested in. You will get to knowthe true China, a country constantly developing and changing. You willalso better appreciate how China has been tackling the ongoing globalfinancial crisis.


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