Chinese Blog Competition
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    Only three local students won Chinese Blog(博客)Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China.

    170 students' task: to get a fully-designed blog up and running , complete with many postings based on a theme of choice-all written in Chinese.

    Themes ranged from local opinions-such as the usage of Singlish, education and whether Singapore can be a cultural centre-to food blogs.

    The entries were judged on Language proficiency( 熟练程度)and the quality of writing, as well as the design and level of exchanging ideas with readers.

    Academics from the National University of Singapore and the SIM University IT experts, and a journalist from Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore made up the judges.

    In the end, only three Singaporean students made it to the award list-the rest of the awards were swept up by students from China. 

    "No surprise. "said Mr. Chow Yaw Long, 37 , teachers in charge from Lanova Junior College, which organized the event. "Although the topics were local subjects, the foreign students were generally better in terms of the content of the posts and their grasp of the Chinese language. "

    One of the three local students winning the first prize in the Best Language Award was blogger Christina Gao 19, from the Saint Andrew's Junior College, who spared no effort in researching for and writing her blog. Each entry took her between five and seven days to produce, complete with pictures and even podcasts (播客)

    Her advice for bloggers is: Be responsible .

    "Some bloggers out there only seek to blame the authorities and other bloggers." Said Miss Gao. "I think they lack responsibilities and there is no value to their posts."

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