Troubled Teen Cares for Unwanted Dog
内容提要:When a troubled teen cares for an unwanted dog the healing begins for both.当一个困惑的少年照看一条被遗弃的小狗,双方的心灵同时得到了慰籍和医治。
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  When a troubled teen cares for an unwanted dog the healing begins for both.


  By Cathy Free(作者:凯西·佛雷)

  Spiker is only a year old but he's already done time on death row. Abandoned by his owners he landed in an animal shelter with a policy of destroying dogs that were passed over for adoption.


  Now though he's gotten a reprieve. "Come on Spiker. You can do it" his trainer urges. "Shake boy shake!"


  Spiker a mix of German shorthaired pointer and Labrador retriever gazes at the young woman perplexed. Then he remembers: Last time he obeyed Marcy a biscuit magically appeared. Slowly he raises his right paw. "Good boy" Marcy says ruffling the dog's spotted coat and offering a treat. 斯派克,这只带有德国短耳指针犬与拉布拉多犬杂交血统的后代,不知所措的盯着这位少女。终于它明白了,服从了玛希,一块饼干魔术般的出现在眼前。它慢慢的抬起了右爪。"好孩子"玛希说着并用手抚弄着它带斑点的皮肤并将饼干奖赐给它

  Spiker is changing Marcy's life as surely as Marcy is changing his. The 18-year-old has lived at Echo Glen Children's Center a state-operated juvenile correctional facility in Snoqualmie Washington for nine months. While she's there she's participating in Canine Connections a program that brings unwanted dogs and incarcerated kids together.


  "I've never been attached to a dog before because things always move away from me" Marcy says. "It's like with my family. They die or they leave me." Marcy never knew her father; her mother died of a drug overdose when Marcy was eight. After that she began shuttling from one foster home to another-more than 50 in all. Unable to get along with any of her host families she ended up on the streets selling crack. She was a regular in juvenile court until a judge ordered her to spend a year at Echo Glen.

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