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Teaching Plan for Reading II Unit 3 Book 1

莆田八中 林笛

Teaching points:

Develop the students' reading skills by extensive reading

Teaching difficulties:

Enable the students to learn to use reading strategies such as skimming, scanning, and so on.

Teaching tool: slides

Teaching aims:

•  Develop the students' reading skills by extensive reading.

•  Enable the students to learn to use different reading strategies.

Teaching Procedures

Step1 Duty Report

Step2 Lead-in

T: Yesterday we learned “The Dream and the Plan”.We know that Wang Kun and Wang Wei plan to have a journey down the Mekong . They are in Tibet now. Have you ever been there?

Then the teacher shows the students some pictures about Tibet to arouse their interests.

Imagine that you and your partners are planning to make a trip down the Mekong , you need to take something with you, discuss with your partner that which you think is the most useful, and which is the least useful. Give a reason why you think so. The following things are for you to choose. (P55)

Step3 Play the tape

Ask the students to listen to the tape carefully and then do the T or F questions on the screen.(Check the answers)

① When they arrived in Tibet, it was winter then. ( F )

② Wang Wei was behind me as usual. ( F )

③ When we reached a valley, it became warmer.( T )

④ After supper, we started to make camp. ( F )

⑤ Wang Kun went to sleep and Wang Wei stayed awake. ( F )

⑥ There was almost no wind on that night. ( T )

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