Memory Is not Decided by the Age 记忆力不由年纪决定
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Cutting calories may improve memory among healthy elderly men and women, a new study from Germany hints. In the study, researchers found that people who cut their calorie intake by approximately 30 percent performed better on standard memory tests after just three months.

"Our study may help to generate novel prevention strategies to maintain cognitive functions into old age," Dr. A. Veronica Witte and colleagues from University of Munster wrote in the latest issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
“我们的研究可以帮助形成一种新的策略,可以防治老年人的记忆力衰退,保持认知能力。”A.Veronica Witte教授和他在闵斯特大学的同事在国家科学研究院最新一期的公报上如此写道

Animal studies have shown that diets low in calories and rich in unsaturated fatty acids - the kind found in olive oil and fish - are beneficial for brain function, helping to improve memory in aging rats.

To see whether the same effects can be induced in humans, Witte's team divided 50 normal- to overweight individuals whose average age was 60 years into three groups. One group restricted by up to 30 percent the amount of calories they consumed; a second group increased their consumption of unsaturated fatty acids by up to 20 percent; and a third group, serving as the control group, made no changes.
为了证明在人类中能否产生一样的效果 ,Witte的小组将50个平均年龄在60岁的从正常到超重的人分成了三组。一组限制了他们平时所消耗的热量的30%;第二组增加他们所消耗的不饱和脂肪酸的20%;而第三组,作为参照,不需要做任何改变。

According to the investigators, the calorie-restricted group saw a significant 20 percent average increase in verbal memory scores after 3 months. In contrast, no significant changes in memory performance emerged in the two other groups.

The investigators also noticed that memory improvements in the calorie-restricted group correlated with decreases in insulin levels and "biomarkers" of inflammation in the body, and that these changes were most pronounced in those individuals who stuck closest to the prescribed calorie -restricted diet.

"To our knowledge, the current results provide the first experimental evidence in humans that caloric restriction improves memory in the elderly," Witte and colleagues note.

The results of this study, they add, "may help to develop new prevention and treatment strategies for maintaining cognitive health into old age."

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