Faith: The Power to Move Mountains
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Faith - The Power to Move Mountains

Faith is an awesome force that can give us the power to accomplish the seemingly impossible. There are many well-known examples of the power of faith in action. Mother Theresa, for instance, always had faith that God would somehow provide the food, money and provisions she needed to continue her service to the poorest of the poor. Writings about her work are filled with miracle stories of how the things she needed showed up exactly when she needed them, often in the most surprising ways.

If you put your hand in fire, do you believe it would burn? Of course you do, and it probably would. Yet if you were to attend a fire-walking event and spend an evening with a group of people convincing yourselves that the fire wouldn't hurt, it probably wouldn't. Many ordinary people have attended such events and successfully walked over impossibly hot coals with little or no blistering.

Group agreements such as these, where a group of people decides that reality is going to work differently, are very powerful. Faith is catching. We can catch it from each other and one person with particularly powerful faith can spark the faith of many.

Dr. Willard Fuller, the well-known healer who visited the Twin Cities a couple of times last year, is an excellent example of this. He is best know for his incredible ability to spontaneously heal teeth through laying-on of hands - something that until you have witnessed it first hand can be quite mind-boggling and doubt-evoking. Yet his faith that God can do anything is so great that he inspires hundreds of people at a time to suspend their beliefs about reality and have an experience they wouldn't have thought possible the day before. He has a remarkably high rate of spontaneous healings in every healing service he conducts. Some people who attend his seminars are even able to "catch" the ability to heal teeth themselves.

Yesterday the people in my weekly spiritual support group decided to make a new agreement about reality. We agreed that each of us would experience some form of quantum leap toward our highest good before the week is over. We defined a quantum leap as an instantaneous manifestation of something our Higher Self wants for us--something that would happen quickly, through synchronicity, coincidence and ease rather than through planning, waiting and working hard. One person experienced a leap before the evening was over. I can hardly wait to hear the stories we have to share next week.

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