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内容提要:浓情五月,感恩母亲。三毛曾写过一篇《守望的天使》文章说,每个人生命中最真最诚的天使是自己的父母,天使终其一生舍尽全力来为自己的孩子挡风遮雨。在犹太人的谚语里,也有一句类似的表述,而且更为精辟,"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." 母亲节来临之际,别忘了对妈妈说一句,我爱您!

To the World’s Number One Mom 给世界上最好的妈妈
Mother's Day History 

In 1907, Anna M. Jarvis, a Philadelphia schoolteacher, began a movement to set up a national Mother's Day in honor of her mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis. She solicited the help of hundreds of legislators and prominent businessmen to create a special day to honor mothers. Anna's hard work finally paid off in the year 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed

the second Sunday in May as a national holiday in honor of mothers.



Carnations for Mothers 献给母亲的康乃馨

The tradition of gifting carnations to mothers on Mother’s Day was initiated by Miss Anna Jarvis and began on the first official Mother’s Day in America on May 10, 1908. Miss Anna Jarvis sent 500 white carnations to the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, in Grafton, West Virginia. The flowers were meant to be distributed amongst the mothers. Others present in the mass were also asked to wear flowers. White carnations were a favorite of Anna’s deceased mother. Anna explained the reason for her selection of the flower. “The white carnation is preferred because I think it typifies some of the virtues of motherhood; ... whiteness stands for purity; its lasting quality, faithfulness; its fragrance, love; its wide field of growth, charity; its form, beauty...”


This gradually led to a custom of gifting carnations to mothers. As a custom red carnations are worn to honor living mothers and white carnations for the deceased mothers.


Moms’ Love-wrapped Lies 


1. Nothing’s wrong; I’m fine. 


It’s the biggest lie. Every time you asked your mom how she was, she would put up a smile and use this line, even when it was after a big fight with your dad or she was caught weeping in her bedroom. She never told you that she was heartbroken.


2. You are special. 


Moms say it a lot. And for this reason, we grew up believing that we were truly outstanding and extraordinary–more talented and accomplished than our peers. Sadly, there would always come the day when we figured out that we were actually not.


3. This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.


How stupid of a statement is that, really, when you think about it? Sure, seeing you cry over a vaccination shot, being punished or getting dumped can be emotionally gut-wrenching for your mom, but will it hurt her more than it hurts you? Anyway, it’s sweet, isn’t it?


4. Slow down. You’ve got your whole life to be a grown-up.


How true is this one? A recent UK survey shows that 88 percent of people quizzed think that their children are growing up too fast.


Your mom is just one of those parents who are really scared that their little boys or girls will someday outgrow them.


5. Those accessories do make my outfit look better.


When you insisted that her dress would be much improved if she wore the pair of big dangling earrings you gave her as a birthday gift, she never disagreed.


But if you were watching her closely, you’d have seen her slipping a couple of things from her jewelry box into her purse before she went out. 


Find a Gift that Will Fit Your Mom


1. Skits/Plays


Along with siblings, cousins and friends you can organise a skit or a play on Mother's Day.


Surprise her with your hidden talents and she will feel proud to be your mother.


2. Interviews 做采访

It is great idea to organise a special interview with your Mom or Grand Mother on Mother's Day. Call it "Coffee with Mom" or any name you like. 为你的妈妈或祖母做一次特殊的采访,这主意很棒。你可以把这次采访称作“和妈妈一起喝咖啡”,或是其它任何你喜欢的名字。

This session will help you know more about your mother, if you dig your Mom about her childhood, her friends, teachers.


3. Tea Parties


You can organise tea parties in honor of your mother on a Mother's Day.


Pick up the best crockery in the house, decorate a tray with a beautiful tray cover and vase of fresh flowers.


Compliment the tea with a delicious cake and her favorite snack,it’ll be enjoyable for her.


4. Mother’s Personalized Photo Frame


When it comes to finding the perfect unique gift, think about giving your mom a personalized photo frame that contains her favorite picture of the two of you. Not only is this a budget friendly gift but this is a gift that any mom will love because it shows that it is something that truly comes from the heart.


5. Weekend Getaway


All moms love to travel or they have that one special place where they have always wanted to visit yet have never had the chance. Mother's Day weekend is an excellent time to surprise them with those cruise tickets they have been on the lookout for, the concert that seemed to be sold out, or even plane tickets to that exotic island they have saved on their computer screen. Surprise them by helping them have one of their dream vacations. If you like you can even accompany them.


6. Personalized Pajamas


Personalized pajamas are a great unique Mother's Day gift as well. You could have them customized to not only have her name on them but they could also read a special message as well. Every time your mom puts them on she will remember that this special gift came from you.


solicit [sə'lisit] vt. 征求;招揽;请求;乞求

prominent ['prɔminənt] adj. 突出的,显著的;杰出的;卓越的

carnation [kɑ:'neiʃən] n. [园艺] 康乃馨;肉色;粉红色

initiate [i'niʃieit] vt. 开始,创始;发起;使初步了解

accomplished [ə'kʌmpliʃt] adj. 完成的;有技巧的;有修养的;有学问的

vaccination [,væksi'neiʃən] n. 接种疫苗;种痘

outgrow [,aut'ɡrəu] vt. 过大而不适于;出生;长大成熟而不再

in honor of 向…致敬,向…表示敬意;为庆祝…

tray [trei] n. 托盘

photo frame 相框;照相架

on the lookout for 寻找;注意;警戒

pajamas [pə'dʒɑ:məz] n. 睡衣;宽长裤

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