A Famous Story of Mark Twain

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内容提要:Mark Twain was a famous American writer. He wrote many stories and many of them were funny stories. These stories are still read by many people all over the world.

  Mark Twain was a famous American writer. He wrote many stories and many of them were funny stories. These stories are still read by many people all over the world. Besides writing, he also liked hunting and fishing very much, so one year he went to Maine(缅因州) for a holiday and spent three very pleasant weeks in the woods(树林,森林) there.
  When he had to go back home, he drove to the station with his baggage. There he asked a porter(搬运工,服务员) to put it into the train. Then he got into the smoking car and sat down in one of the comfortable seats there. The car was empty when he got in, but a few minutes later, another man got in and sat down on the seat opposite his. Mark Twain looked at the man and thought that this man looked quite unpleasant. However, it would be impolite to say nothing in that situation, so he said good morning to the man, and they began to talk.
  First they talked about the weather and then they talked about Maine. The stranger said, "We have some beautiful woods in Maine. It would be a pity to come to Maine without spending some time there. I suppose you have been in our woods, haven't you?" "Yes, I have," answered Mark Twain. "I've just spent three weeks there and I had a very good time, too. And let me tell you something. Although fishing isn't allowed in Maine at this season, I've got two hundred pounds of beautiful fish with my baggage(行李) in this train. I like to eat fish, so I packed it in ice to take it home with me. May I ask who you are, sir?"The stranger looked at Mark Twain for several seconds and then answered, "I'm a police officer. My job is to catch people who hunt and fish during the wrong seasons. And who are you?"Mark Twain was surprised and frightened when he heard this. He thought quickly and then answered, "Well, I'll tell you, sir. I'm the man who tells the biggest lies in America."

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