Do You Have Your Best Life?

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    For many years I had a good life. My illness was reasonably under control, I had a nice relationship with my husband, I did work I didn't hate. It was, as I said, a good life.

    But there's a saying that the good is the enemy of the best. I finally realized this one day, and began making my best life. I changed doctors and got on new medication that completely relieved my symptoms, rather than just making them easier to deal with. I started talking more with my husband and listening to what he had to say. And I quit my job and started working for myself.

    I have the best life I've ever had. I'd call it great. It is possible there's a better life out there for me, which would then be my "best life," but for now I don't think so. We were able to buy a house a few months ago, and though it nearly killed me I painted and redecorated so it's really us. I've started a business I love. My husband and kids are wonderful. I have a good friend and I'm close to my older sister who lives in town. Could it get better? I suppose so. But for me I think this is the best life I can have right now.

    Think about your life. Where are you settling? Are you in a job you just don't mind? Are you having minor relationship problems? What makes your life "good"? Why isn't it great? What's the enemy of the best and what can you do about it?

    You deserve your best life. We're only here for a short while, and we all need to have the best possible time we can. It's like going to Disney World. If you spend too much time standing in line waiting for the ride, pretty soon your time's up. Get out of the "good" line and have your best life.

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