A letter to next president
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I would like to personally thank you for your time and concern for our great country.  I would like to take a few minutes to address a few concerns that I have with the United States.
First of all, I would like to address the war.  In my opinion, we should have never been involved with Iraq to the extent that we are now.  I believe we should pull our troops out.  However, I think there should be a time table that we follow but the time table should not be released because the enemy does not need to know when we are going to pull out.  Also, the war takes out a ton of our money, which leads me to my next issue.
The economy right now, in the opinion of many Americans, is the biggest issue with which we are facing right now.  The stock market seems to be so sparatic.  No one can predict what will happen one day or the next.  The obvious thing to do is to put 700 billion dollars in the economy, but that bill failed and was rejected by the House of Represenatives.  Instead of putting 700 billion dollars in, I think the money should be equally distributed between Americans to pay off their debts.  I'm not sure if this would work, but I think it is a positive alternative we could take.
Abortion.  Some say its okay, some do not.  I personally believe that it should be illegal.  I am 100 percent pro-life.  I believe that no one should ever just have the right to kill an innocent child that has not even been born yet.  Despite the evil crimes of rape and such in our country, I believe that no baby should ever have its life taken away before it has the chance to live.
Another issue that Americans debate on is gay or same sex marriage.  I believe that God created man and woman for each other and that only a man and a woman should be together.  I believe that if gay marriage was okay that it would've happened in the bible, and it did not.  So, I believe that same sex marriage should be illegal.
The high school students of today are America's future.  In a way, America's future depends greatly on the high school teachers of America.  Saying this, it is sad that teacher's salaries are where they are.  While teachers are working harder and harder every day to teach high school students,  CEO's of big companies that are driving our countries economy into the ground are getting bonuses.  This makes no since whatsoever.  I'm not saying that teacher's salaries should be the same of CEO's of companies, but I do strongly believe that action should be taken place to increase the salaries of teachers because they have one of the most important jobs in America-- preparing our country for the future.
Oil prices are outrageous.  If the price of a single gallon of gas keeps increasing then before long people will simply not even be able to get to work and back.  Alternate routes to obtaining oil should be taken.  I believe that we should begin drilling off the gulf coast and east coast where we can.  This would greatly lessen the amount of pressure on oil companies and lead to lower gas prices.
My final issue I would like to call to your attention is immigration.  Hundreds upon hundreds of immigrants cross the border each day.  Our country is infested with them.  Our border control needs to step up its security.  Why not just build a wall?  It is a priviledge to be an American, and I believe that we just don't need to let immigrants in our country each day.  If they want to live in America and be an American, then they should go about the proper way.  Step up border control!
Once again, thank you for your time and your effort you put in to making this great country a better place.
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