内容提要:Can you dig it? =(Get it? ) Follow my nose.凭直觉
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  Don’t push me. 别逼我

  Don’t overdo it. 别过分

  Can you dig it? =(Get it? ) Follow my nose.凭直觉

  Between us.Sure thing. 你知我知

  At long last.=(finally)

  I’m getting to it. 就快说到了

  You want a bet?

  What if I go for you?

  Who wants!

  Big mouth. 多嘴

  Bottle it= (stop here) 闭嘴

  Drop it. 停吧

  Have a good of it.玩的开心点

  What’s the fuss? 吵什么

  God works. 上天的安排

  Don’t take ill of me. 别生我气

  Go down to business. 言归正传

  Dose it serve your purpose? 有用吗

  Don’t flatter me.

  Straight from the horse’s mouth. 第一手材料

  Get hold of the wrong end of the stick. 误会

  Stick to my guns. =(hold my opinions.) How about eating out?

  Never ever. 从没有

  I stood there shocked, crying a river.

  You are too hard on me.

  I’ve long heard of you.

  Please remember to your parents.

  A man who reads lives many lives.

  It would mean a great deal to me. 对我很重要 Think twice.

  Is that so? = (is that true?)

  Have you got the time? 几点了

  It gains a little.表快了

  It loses about two minutes. 慢了

  For my money.=( in my opinion.)

  I’ve gotten carried away. 我扯太远了

  Good thing+句子  还好…..

  Good heavens.= My goodness.代替 My god.(有宗教色彩)

  That will not always be the case.

  Come hell or high water. 就算天崩地裂

  Stand someone up. 爽约

  So that explains it.

  Beat you flat.

  The rest of the man was happy.晚年幸福

  The old house wants repairing.

  What life will be like in the future is difficult to predict.

  Only time will tell.

  Mind acts upon mind.

  He’s a person with big heart.

  Would you cut it out, already? 有完没完了

  I must be losing it. 我肯定疯了(失去理智)

  Don’t get me started on it. 别让我打开话匣子

  Let someone off. 放某人一把

  I don’t know what came over me. 我不知道刚自己抽什么疯

  What have we got here?  看我们找到了什么

  Why all the trouble?  干嘛这么费事?

  Call it a day.

  No hard feelings. 别见怪 别生气

  I don’t have all day. 没时间跟你耗 Up where we belong.

  It can never tell.不好说

  heart and soul


  be under way 正在进行

  what took you so long?怎么这么久 I’m done with.受够了 Fill me in. 跟我说怎么了 向我汇报

  That figures.不用说也知道 Take your time.

  You are well on the way. 很顺利 People make mistakes. Call it even.扯平了

  I don’t mean to be rude.

  There’s no such a thing as fate.

  Sleep like a log.

  You are what you choose to be.

  It’s the highest of the highest.重中之重

  You deserve it.

  Practices makes perfect.

  Think outside the box.

  Take another look at it.

  The book is well worth buying.

  He is not available here.

  Serve the people.

  Pride goes before a fall.

  It’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.

  The enemy’s days were numbered.

  Crazy as it may seem.=although it may seem crazy. That’s low——really low. 卑劣

  I’m sort of on the outside of things. I felt lowest of all. = Depressed

  He gets along great. 活得很伟大

  How come+句子  为什么…..

  For honesty’s sake. 说实话

  Stand on your dignity.

  撑面子 Far lovelier. 更有意思的

  A woman of soil.

  Leave me alone.

  It’s empty of dust. 干净

  Look before you leap.=think twice.

  Well , peace be with you. 你还都好吧 How did you get on in your exam.

  Hope things are fine with you. Write when you have time.

  That was an eventful year.多事之秋

  You are really something.

  Oddly enough.说来也怪

  All the way through. 从头到尾

  I’m coming on to you. 我对你有意思

  I was being polite. 我是在说客套话

  At sixes and sevens.

  A bed of rose. 称心如意的境地

  backseat driver 爱指手画脚的人 You can take the future even if you fail.

  I give it two thumbs up. =it was worth it.

  After rain comes fair weather.

  Harm set, harm get.

  Justice has long arms. 天网恢恢Murder will out. 若想人不知

  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. 心有余

  I said all that in fun. She was sitting still. 静静地

  I shall do nothing of the sort. 我不会做那种事 I haven’t a single coin here.

  Not a word to him about the money.

  That’s it.有办法了

  Here we are. Here we go. Your butter is grass. 你完蛋了 Modesty becomes you. 你真谦虚 Cut a poor figure.出丑 Let’s go Dutch. AA制 You flatter me.过奖了

  This time is my treat. Grinning from ear to ear. 咧嘴大笑

  I will be expecting you. 我会等你 Tuesday is all booked up.周二没空

  I can’t make it.

  I just got a word that….

  I guess you have something there. 有点道理 My back gives me a lot of pain.

  An eye for one eye. 以牙还牙

  Make it short. It’s over between us.

  These are but shadows of the past.

  That’s not what life is about.

  You are wanted on the phone.

  One’s mind works fast in time of danger. 急中生智

  Nothing is difficult, if you set your heart into it.

  I’m freezing.

  So what? 那又怎样

  I want a day off.

  If it is quite convenient for you.

  Barking dogs seldom bite. 吠犬不咬人

  I have a thirst for knowledge.

  Every minute counted.

  No pain ,no gain. Don’t step away from a challenge, but go for it.

  Mind your tongue.

  Take it easy. 别紧张

  Now things got worse.

  Time tries all things .

  You are to blame.

  It doesn’t make any sense.

  All that is left to be done.

  That must be a record.

  Tests don’t tell the whole story.

  The same is true of…..

  ….也一样 Neatness really counts. 很重要 First impressions are lasting ones.

  I was shocked into stillness.

  It’s too good to be true. 哪有这么好的事 They fell into each other’s arms. 拥抱

  Whenever you fall, pick something up.

  Anger flooded me.

  A man’s worth lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.

  How did you find the book? 你对这书怎么看

  He is something for nothing.一无是处

  It burn a hole in my stomach.

  Here’s how. 下面是如何做

  Don’t forget to set aside enough time for entertainment.

  endless nights and countless days 不尽的日日夜夜

  You are a wrong number. 打错了

  Let me put it another way.

  She never failed to see light in any situation.

  It was not a long before.

  I froze in my tracks. 傻了

  Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  The teacher seated me.

  He has a sad look in his eyes.

  I have tasted success and want more.有收获 不满足

  Word came that… 有消息说

  Will 10 yuan cover the book?


  truer your story is, the less true it sounds.

  Either one will do.

  To put it simply.

  As the story develops.

  Things start going wrong.

  I wonder, however, whether perhaps justice was done after all. 我在想最终正义是否会得到伸张

  Don’t beating about the bush. First things first.

  One step at a time.一步一个脚印

  Things went smoothly.

  You are in the wrong job.

  My eyes welled up with tears.

  All of a sudden an idea flash in her mind.

  On hearing the news, I burst into tears. I wanna have a rest.

  Does it work for you? 行不行? Sure.

  I’ll text you. 短信

  5 points difference from….差五分 It’s taken.(seat) 有人坐了

  Anybody in? Occupied. 有人

  I am a man of my word. 有信用 You done watching it?你还看吗?

  Where are you running off to? The man of the moment. 现任男友

  The man of the hour.=The greatest man in his time.风云人物

  hot month 热恋

  I get up the nerve to break his heart.=I become brave enough to…. He’s the salt of the earth.好男My heart is in my throat.=worry

  I’ve missed a step.没明白 Can’t carry a tune.跑调

  Your copy gets into one issue out of four.(记者)四个报道发表一篇 You’re on.该你了 When you love someone, you say it,you say it out aloud. Right now. Or the moment… just passes you by.

  Someday, when I’m awfully low…And the world is cold… I’ll feel a glow just thinking of you. And the way you look .Tonight.

  We split up.

  Classic never dies.

  I take your point.

  I wanna my hair dressed up.做发型 He has a way with children.对与小孩子相处有一手 Good eye. 好眼力 Nothing too fancy. 不太时尚

  Stand guard, no peeking.去守着 别偷看 All zipped up.拉链都拉好

  You gonna take that?!这你能忍吗

  I got it.明白了 I get you.骗着你了 Can anybody help me out here?你们谁能帮帮我

  Are we done? 还有我们事吗? Over my dead body!想都别想

  People make mistakes.

  Shit happens.

  He’s a lady’s man.

  Here’s mum.(接电话)给妈妈喽 Sleep it.别管了

  I’ve done this far.既然已经做到这了 就接着做吧

  They’re expecting you.等你呢 Do you understand? Not really.

  不太懂 Not yet.还没呢

  Fine by me.无所谓

  We’re so over.我们彻底没关系了

  You sold me out!你出卖我

  I’m gonna kick some ass.我要疯了 我要发火了

  Happy thoughts.镇静点 别发火

  Did her buy it?你骗到她了吗?

  You have the point there ,but…

  mortal man 凡人

  my …has had it 受够了

  ignore this and end up being sorry后悔

  live up to its name 不辜负…

  locate the room找到屋子

  fine by me 无所谓

  Enough is enough 够了 that’s a good call说得好 有道理 here’s the situation 事情是这样的

  could I see you for a moment? 能过来一下吗?

  I’m out不知道了 in a minute等一小会

  I get the picture 明白状况了

  no, I’m good. 不用了 that’s it就这些 就这样 school is in session 家里又不是没有大人了(帮助伸张正义时) teach s.b a lesson

  you got me 说对了 我就这意思

  wish me luck



  save your little speech省省吧

  tone it down a little 小声点

  there you go你看  对了

  See you in the hell 我会下地狱

  sorry I acted like a bank我刚才太吝啬了 (逼债时)

  pick a lane 作抉择

  I can’t follow you 我没你好

  speaking of…..说到。。。。

  fix you two up给你俩牵线

  I’ll see you around= I’ll see you later

  time is running out快到点了

  dig it a little deeper 想深刻点

  you’ve met your match碰见对手了

  not my type 不是我喜欢的型

  crush on s.b看上某人了

  let’s just get this out in the open直说了吧

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