Unit1 Festivals around the world 说课稿
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Unit1 Festivals around the world

Good morning, everyone. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is the reading text : Festivals and celebrations in unit 1 Festivals around the world. It is made up of three parts.
Part 1 My understanding of this lesson
1. The analysis of the teaching material:

This unit talks about many kinds of festivals in different part of the world. The first reading briefly describes four different kinds of festivals. By studying this unit, students can know that festivals exit everywhere, and many of festivals in different countries celebrate similar ideas .An important element in the unit is the opportunity to compare and contrast cultural practices in China and other countries.

2. Teaching aims:
a. Knowledge aim:

Make students know about the holiday all over the world and the detail of the holiday, such as origin of the holiday, content of the holiday, and the date of the holiday, etc.
b. Ability aim:

▲Make students talk about festivals and celebrations in English.

c. Emotional aim:

▲Make the Ss learn about the significance of festivals.

▲ Make the Ss know about the foreign festivals, and respect other countries’ custom.

3. Teaching important points:
How to make the Ss understand the text better.
4. Teaching difficult points:
Enable the Ss grasp the using of Modal Verbs.

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