You and your teacher
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    If you're having difficulties in class and it seems that your teacher is unfair to you, take some time to think hard about what's happening. Try to find out whether your teacher really dislikes you, or whether something else is going on. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    1. Are you the only person being treated badly, or is your teacher rough (粗暴)on the whole class? Ask your classmates if they are having trouble with the teacher, too. If they say yes, perhaps your teacher is having problems outside the school, or is new and at a loss. (困惑)

    2. Are you working up to your ability? (你已经足够努力了么?)Maybe you got a C in your last test, and your teacher told you that you could do better. But the kid sitting beside you got a C, too, and the teacher didn't say anything to him! Isn't this unfair? Well, it could be that your teacher knows that you could get a better grade if you put more effort (努力)into it. Teachers often grade students by different standards. (努力)It's their way of encouraging a student to try a little harder.

    3. Are you more sensitive (敏感)than other students? There's nothing wrong with being sensitive, but if you react to criticism quite differently from others, this could be a reason why you think your teacher doesn't like you.

    4. Does your teacher seem to act unfairly all the time, or just once in a while? Think about the harsh (严厉的)things your teacher has done or said to you. Are these things happening every day, or just once or twice a month? If your teacher really hates you, you would probably be picked on all the time. (你也许就总会被修理)If your teacher has acted unfairly only a few times, then there's probably something else going on.

    If you take the time to ask yourself these questions, you'll get a better sense(认识) of what's happening between you and your teacher.

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