Choose your attitude 
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Your attitude can be based on the weather, the amount of traffic

congestion, the way people treat you, or a whole lot of other things. Or, your attitude can be exactly what you choose for it to be.


When you turn your attitude over to other people or to random circumstances, it's going to be volatile, undependable and not very productive. By contrast, when you choose your own attitude, independent of what's happening around you, then you set yourself up to make swift and positive progress.


Your attitude serves as a lens through which you see life, and it's best when that lens is focused on the positive possibilities. Your attitude can enable you to make the most of difficult situations, to find and to create enormous value in your world.


There is absolutely nothing that forces you to adopt one particular attitude over another. When you get in the habit of consciously choosing to have a positive, empowering attitude, you become gloriously free to achieve the things that are most meaningful to you.


Your attitude is always yours to select. Doesn't it make sense to select an attitude that will foster peak performance and effectiveness no matter what may be going on around you?


Don't let anyone or anything else control something as critically important as your attitude. Now, and always, choose an attitude that will enable you to soar high.


-- Ralph Marston

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