Does Belief Make Difference to Our Life?  
内容提要:whatever is wrong will pass. You are going to be ok, just hang on.” He then, smiled again and walked away.

The reality is not beautiful as we thought. If you choose only to complain and escape from the ordeal from reality, it will always follow you wherever you go. But if you decide to be strong, the hardship will turn out to be a fortune on which new hopes will arise. For me, small dose of hope is enough.

When I was in my first year in my high school, I hit a stretch where every area of my life was a disaster. I felt hopeless and alone, and more depressed than I knew was possible. I have no idea about my future.

On one such day, I was walking from class across campus to catch my bus home, head down, fighting tears of total despair, when an old man came down the sidewalk toward me. I had never seen him before and thought him just pass by. Embarrassed at being seen such an emotional mess, I turned my head away and hoped to hurry past. I felt he‘d walk on by, but he moved until he was directly in front of me. That time, I thought he was a strange man who likes to disturb others who got on my nerves. But, to my surprised, I looked up and found him smiling, that kind of smiling was very friendly. Looking into my eyes, this stranger spoke in a quiet voice, “whatever is wrong will pass. You are going to be ok, just hang on.” He then, smiled again and walked away.

I can not explain the impact of that moment, of that man’s unexpected kindness and unconditional caring!He gave me one thing I had lost completely: hope. If you keep you head up, your heart will show you the place that need a small dose of hope.

So I would like you to know that the hope is in front of you, and the success is just around the corner, what you do is keeping you faith and work it out.

Nick Vujicic, in my first impression, combining his physical condition and his own experience and stories, I am going to tell you-- he is a legend. I have watched a video about his speech which named Living Inspiration (No Arms, No Legs, and No Worries). I thought a sentence --“Broken Wings, Flying Heart” – it is right to describe his faith. He was born without limbs and doctors have no medical explanation for this birth “defect”. As we can imagine, he was faced with many challenges and obstacles. Such an amazing person, he did things what normal people can do, and he achieved more things than normal people did. His faith helps him keep moving and fighting for his life. I believe in the idea that endeavor pays. I do not know how strong his faith it is, instead, I saw he had done his best to make a change in his life with his powerful faith.

 Youth means that we are in the best time in our life. If we did not have any faith in our mind, it would just like -- sinking and floating up by turns in the tumultuous sea of life, fighting our way out of the encirclement of darkness. Then the faith keep in our mind direct us going ahead and never giving up, everyone can change better in the future.

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