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内容提要:  1.(2007春季上海,33)All the staff in our company are considering ________ to the city centre for the fashion show.
  A.to go       B.going    C.to have 

  1.(2007春季上海,33)All the staff in our company are considering ________ to the city centre for the fashion show.

  A.to go       B.going    C.to have gone    D.having gone

  2.(2006全国Ⅰ,32)________ and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize.

  A.Surprising     B.Surprised   C.Being surprised   D.To be surprising

  3.(2006全国Ⅱ,17)We often provide our children with toys,footballs or basketballs,________ that all children like these things.

  A.thinking     B.think    C.to think     D.thought

  5.(2006上海,31)Eugene's never willing to alter any of his opinions.It's no use ________ with him.

  A.to argue     B.arguing    C.argued      D.having argued

  6.(2006辽宁,25)I was told that there were about 50 foreign students ________ Chinese in the school,most ________ were from Germany.

  A.study;of whom         B.study;of them

  C.studying;of them         D.studying;of whom

  8.(2006湖南,28)If you think that treating a woman well means always ________ her permission for things,think again.

  A.gets      B.got    C.to get      D.getting

  10.(2006重庆,27)________ and I'll get the work finished.

  A.Have one more hour      B.One more hour

  C.Given one more hour      D.If I have one more hour

  12.(2006安徽,21)My cousin came to see me from the country,________ me a full basket of fresh fruits.

  A.brought     B.bringing   C.to bring     D.had brought

  13.(2006上海春季,29)The parents suggested ________ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the trip.

  A.sleep       B.to sleep   C.sleeping      D.having slept

  14.(2006上海春季,36)There are hundreds of visitors ________ in front of the Art Gallery to have a look at Van Gogh's paintings.

  A.waited       B.to wait    C.waiting      D.wait

  19.(2005北京,28)It's necessary to be prepared for a job interview.________ the answers ready will be of great help.

  A.To have had    B.Having had   C.Have      D.Having

  22.(2005天津,7)You should understand the traffic rule by now.You've had it ________ often enough.

  A.explaining     B.to explain   C.explain      D.explained

  just ________ a look at the sports stars.

  A.had       B.having    C.to have      D.have

  24.(2005上海,32)He got well-prepared for the job interview,for he couldn't risk ________ the good opportunity.

  A.to lose      B.losing    C.to be lost     D.being lost

  28.(2005辽宁,22)All these gifts must be mailed immediately ________ in time for Christmas.

  A.in order to have received     B.in order to receive

  C.so as to be received      D.so as to be receivin

  30.(2005江苏,27) ________ in the mountains for a week,the two students were finally saved by the local police.

  A.Having lost    B.Lost    C.Being lost     D.Losing

  35.(2005广东,31)He hurried to the station only ________ that the train had left.

  A.to find           B.finding

  C.found           D.to have found

  44.(2004全国Ⅰ,22)Helen had to shout ________ above the sound of the music.

  A.making herself hear        B.to make herself hear

  C.making herself heard        D.to make herself heard

  45.(2004全国Ⅲ,28)"We can't go out in this weather,"said Bob,________ out of the window.

  A.looking          B.to look

  C.looked           D.having looked

  46.(2004全国Ⅳ,27)Alice returned from the manager's office ________ me that the boss wanted to see me at once.

  A.having told          B.tells

  C.to tell           D.telling

  47.(2004上海,27)According to a recent U.S.survey,children spend up to 25 hours a week ________ TV.

  A.to watch          B.to watching

  C.watching          D.watch

  50.(2004辽宁,25)I don't know whether you happen ________,but I'm going to study in the U.S.A.this September.

  A.to be heard          B.to be bearing

  C.to hear           D.to have heard

  51.(2004辽宁,30) ________ by the beauty of nature,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm.

  A.Attracting          B.Attracted

  C.To be attracted         D.Having attracted

  52.(2004江苏,31) The old man, ________ abroad for twenty years,is on the way back to his motherland.

  A.to work          B.working

  C.to have worked         D.having worked

  53.(2004福建,27)The news reporters hurried to the airport,only ________ the film stars had left.

  A.to tell           B.to be told

  C.telling           D.told

  54.(2004湖北,28) ________ with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.

  A.Compare          B.When comparing

  C.Comparing          D.When compared

  56.(2004广东,26) ________ the programme,they have to stay there for another two weeks.

  A.Not completing       B.Not completed

  C.Not having completed      D.Having not completed

  57.(2004广东,32)If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week,better ________ it-you've got some big bills coming.

  A.forget           B.forgot

  C.forgetting          D.to forget

  58.(2004上海春季,39)The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ________ as the plane was making a landing.

  A.seat            B.seating

  C.seated           D.to be seating

  59.(2004上海春季,40)Victor apologized for ________ to inform me of the change in the plan.

  A.his being not able        B.him not to be able

  C.his not being able         D.him to be not able

  61.(2003全国,22)A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ________ in the kitchen.

  A.smoke           B.smoking

  C.to smoke          D.smoked

  62.(2003北京,21)The teacher asked us ________ so much noise.

  A.don't make          B.not make

  C.not making          D.not to make

  63.(2003北京,28) ________ time,he'll make a first-class tennis player.

  A.Having given         B.To give

  C.Giving           D.Given

  67.(2002北京,34)-How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers?

  -The key ________ the problem is to meet the demand ________ by the customers.

  A.to solving;making        B.to solving;made

  C.to solve;making         D.to solve;made

  70.(2002上海春季,25)In some parts of London,missing a bus means ________for another hour.

  A.waiting           B.to wait

  C.wait           D.to be waiting

  71.(2002上海春季,37)With a lot of difficult problems ________,the newly-elected president is having a hard time.

  A.settled           B.settling

  C.to settle          D.being settled

  73.(2001北京春季,21) ________ late in the afternoon,Bob turned off the alarm.

  A.To sleep          B.Sleeping

  C.Sleep           D.Having sleep

  74.(2001上海春季,28)Sandy could do nothing but ________ to his teacher that he was wrong.

  A.admit           B.admitted

  C.admitting          D.to admit

  75.(2001上海春季,36)Mr Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to ________ some schools for poor children.

  A.set up           B.setting up

  C.have set up          D.having set up

  76.(2000全国,19)I've worked with children before,so I know what ________ in my new job.

  A.expected          B.to expect

  C.to be expecting         D.expects

  77.(2000上海,37) ________ in 1636,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States.

  A.Being founded         B.It was founded

  C.Founded          D.Founding

  79.(2000北京春季,15)The picture ________ on the wall is painted by my nephew.

  A.having hung          B.hanging

  C.hangs           D.being hung

  80.(1998全国,25) European football is played in 80 countries, ________ it the most popular sport in the world.

  A.making           B.makes

  C.made           D.to make


  1.答案:B   2.答案:B   3.答案:A   4.答案:D   5.答案:B   6.答案:D   7.答案:C   8.答案:D   9.答案:A   10.答案:B

  11.答案:C   12.答案:B   13.答案:C   14. 答案:C   15.答案:B   16.答案:A   17.答案:D   18.答案:B   19.答案:D   20.答案:C

  21.答案:A   22.答案:D   23.答案:A   24.答案:B   25.答案:A   26.答案:C   27.答案:A   28.答案:C   29.答案:A   30.答案:B

  31.答案:A   32.答案:B   33.答案:A   34.答案:A   35.答案:A   36.答案:B   37.答案:C   38.答案:B   39.答案:D   40.答案:C

  41.答案:A   42.答案:B   43.答案:A   44.答案:D   45.答案:A   46.答案:D   47.答案:C   48.答案:C   49.答案:B   50.答案:D

  51.答案:B   52.答案:D   53.答案:B   54.答案:D   55.答案:B   56.答案:C   57.答案:A   58.答案:C   59.答案:C   60.答案:B

  61.答案:B   62.答案:D   63.答案:D   64.答案:C   65.答案:D   66.答案:B   67.答案:B   68.答案:B   69.答案:C   70.答案:A

  71.答案:C   72.答案:D   73.答案:A   74.答案:A   75.答案:B   76.答案:B   77.答案:C   78.答案:D   79.答案:B   80.答案:A

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