Unit1 Women of achievement单元教案
内容提要:This unit stays focused on the topic: women. Six women with various national backgrounds are featured, and different aspects of their life are explored, like, their social position, contributions and hardships ;meanwhile, their achievements in a wide variety of fields are highly praised. Ss will know better the roles women play in social life, with their(esp. girl students')self-esteem and sense of social responsibility boosted.
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  This unit stays focused on the topic: women. Six women with various national backgrounds are featured, and different aspects of their life are explored, like, their social position, contributions and hardships ;meanwhile, their achievements in a wide variety of fields are highly praised. Ss will know better the roles women play in social life, with their(esp. girl students')self-esteem and sense of social responsibility boosted.

  1.Warming-up requires Ss to comment on the 6 women and give their opinions and reasons as well. This part connects Unit5,Module1.The rules concluded in the earlier unit can be applied here to identify great women. Ss should be encouraged to discuss what these women did for other people, and what problems they had to overcome or what they had to give up to achieve their ambition.

  2.Pre-reading is also a discussion but focused on Jane Goodall. The two questions raised here prompt Ss to think over the pros and cons of two approaches to scientific study(lab research & field research)。 Then, Ss are asked to predict the content based on the title and pictures.

  3.Reading-A Student of  African Wildlife depicts a scene  where Jane and her colleagues studied chimps in an African forest and explains the significance of their work and the achievements she reached. Despite the fact that it was a dirty and tiring job to do the field research in the wild, they all regarded it as worthwhile. Some of their valuable discoveries would not have been made in the lab;for the very reason Jane Goodall had chosen the primitive African forest to study in.Her years of observing and recording chimps' daily activities attributed to a better understanding of their behaviour. She has argued that wild animals be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. She has endeavored to enhance people's awareness of understanding, respecting and protecting wild animals. She is an inspiring role model !

  4.Comprehending consists of 4 Exx, guiding Ss to comprehend the reading passage at different levels. Exx1-3 are intended to aid Ss to obtain important details ,grasp paragraph main ideas and transfer text information in the form of multiple choice, summing-up and filling in a chart. The 4 open-ended Qs in Ex4 encourage Ss to think in others' shoes, which helps strengthen Ss' faith in animals protection.

  Learning about Language is to discover and practice useful words, expressions and structures. Discovering useful words and expressions is meant to help Ss to further study word formation,


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