How to learn English well
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English can open up new worlds to you. Through English you can read the writings of great thinkers in history. Through English you can learn about new development in science and technology. And through English you can read the works of many great writers, such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Mark Twain. However, learning English well is not easy. Success comes only to those who work hard and know the right way to study. What is the right way? Here are a few suggestions:
1. Learning a foreign language is learning how to use a tool or a weapon. It is different from studying history or maths. You must know the language. You must use the language, not just know about the language. Always keep this in mind.
2. Be sure to learn your fundamentals well. Learn the English sounds and intonation, the rules of grammar, how to use the words and phrases. Fundamentals may not be so interesting but they sure are important.
3. To learn English is not just remembering a lot of rules and a lot of words. It is learning to read and write, to speak and listen in the language. After all, language is for people to get their ideas across to other people. As soon as they can, students should read stories in English, listen to English over the radio or TV, speak to their friends or classmates in English and keep a diary in English. This is using the language, doing things in the language and making language learning more meaningful.
4. Many students only like to learn new things. They don’t like to spend time on things they have already learned. They don’t realize that knowing something does not mean they can use it. Every student should remember this: English can be a key to a new world, but you must know how to use that key.
Task: True or false.
1. The underlined word “fundamentals” in the passage means basic knowledge.
2. Learning English is remembering many words and rules.
Key: 1-2 TF


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