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People of Burlington are being disturbed by the sound of bells. Four students from Burlington College of Higher Education are in the bell tower of the___1___and have made up their minds to___2___the bells nonstop for two weeks as a protest (抗议) against heavy trucks which run___3___through the narrow High Street.

  "They not only make it___4___to sleep at night, but they are doing damage to our houses and shops of historical___5___," said John Norris, one of the protesters.

         "If we must have these noisy trucks on the roads," said Jean Lacey, a biology student, "why don't they build a new road that goes round the town? Burlington isn't much more than a___6___village. Its streets were never___7___for heavy traffic."

        Harry Fields also studying___8____said they wanted to make as much___9 ___as possible to force the government to realise what everybody was having to___10 ___. "Most of them don't___11___here anyway," he said, "they come in for meetings and that, and the Town Hall is soundproof(隔音), so they probably don't___12___ the noise all that much. It's high time they realised the problem."

        The fourth student, Liza Vernum, said she thought the public were mostly on their side, and even if they weren't they soon would be.

        I asked if they were___13___that the police might come to stop them.

         "Not really," she said, "actually we are___14___bell-ringers. I mean we are assistant bell-ringers for the church. There is no law against practising."

        I ___15___the church with the sound of the bells ringing in my ears.

  1. A. college       B. village      C. town         D. church

  2. A. change      B. repair      C. ring         D. shake

  3. A. now and then   B. day and night  C. up and down       D. over and over

  4. A. terrible      B. difficult      C. uncomfortable      D. unpleasant

  5. A. scene       B. period     C. interest     D. sense

  6. A. pretty      B. quiet       C. large      D. modern

  7. A. tested      B. meant      C. kept       D. used

  8. A. well      B. hard     C. biology      D. education

  9. A. effort    B. time     C. trouble      D. noise

  10. A. stand    B. accept    C. know        D. share

  11. A. shop     B. live       C. come        D. study

  12. A. notice    B. mention    C. fear       D. control

  13. A. surprised      B. afraid      C. pleased        D. determined

  14. A. proper       B. experienced    C. hopeful        D. serious

  15. A. left       B. found      C. reached      D. passed



  题号 答案 考察内容解题依据 解题分析

  1 B 前后照应常识运用 根据最后一句I left the church…可知。再则国外的钟楼一般来讲都在教堂(church)里面,而不会在大学(college)、村庄(village)、城镇(town)里面。

  2 C 固定搭配 ring the bell意为"打铃"。其它三项通常不与bell搭配。

   3 A 逻辑推理词义比较前后照应 四位大学生因为大卡车日夜(day and night)不停穿过狭窄的街道发生噪音而连续两周不停地打铃以示抗议。下文有难以入睡的提示。now and then偶尔;up and down上下地, 到处, 前前后后, 来来往往;over and over反复, 再三。

  4 A 常识运用逻辑推理 由于日夜不停的使人不愉快的(unpleasant),可怕的(terrible)噪音,所以晚上很不舒适(uncomfortable),自然很难(difficult)睡觉。

  5 C 词义比较固定搭配 historical interest历史古迹。scene场面, 情景;period时期,句点;interest兴趣,重要性,利益;sense官能, 感觉,理性。

6 C 逻辑推理前后照应 全城的人都可以被困扰,可见该城不大。从下文看是与一个village比大小。这里指的是其规模(large),A、B、D都和文意不符。

     7 B 词义辨析逻辑推理 早年的街道并不是为如此繁重的交通而建的,当时并没有这样的打算和计划(mean),特别注意句子中的过去时态,它对句子 意义的理解很有帮助。mean意欲, 打算,预定, 指定, 计划,be meant for=be designed/ intended for为……打算/预定/计划;test测试, 试验, 检验;keep保持,保存;use使用, 利用。

  8 C 前后照应 由第三段句首一句……a biology student可知,本句中又有一个also,可推断出Harry Fields为study biology。

   9 D 逻辑推理前后照应固定搭配 由全文可知,为抵制卡车穿过街道所造成的噪声. Burlington的四个学生想通过敲钟制造noise来引起政府的注意。make time进行, 抽空;make an effort努力;make trouble捣乱,惹麻烦;make noise发出噪音。

  10 A 逻辑推理词义比较 迫使政府官员来意识到人们已经知道(know),也已经接受(accept),也无奈地分享(share)着,而正在不得不地忍受(stand)着这些嘈杂的噪音。

  11 B 常识运用逻辑推理 此句中的them和they指的是government officials。由于噪音,所以很多人不再住(live)在这儿,但有可能来(come),购物(shop),学习(study)。

  12 A 词义比较常识运用 他们可能注意(notice)不到噪音,从而无法提及(mention),不害怕(fear),也不会去控制(control)噪音。notice是先决动作,只有先notice,而后才会mention,fear和control。

13 B 逻辑推理词义比较 学生采用的方法是不可取的,自然有些afraid了。我问他们是否害怕、担心(afraid)警察来。surprised 感到惊讶的;pleased高兴的,满足的;determined坚决的,决定了的。

  14 A 词义比较前后照应 我们是正当的的敲种手,我们帮助教堂敲种。proper正当的,合适的;experienced富有经验的;hopeful怀有希望的;serious严肃的,认真的。

  15 A 词义比较逻辑推理 伴着钟声萦绕在我的耳鼓,我离开(left)了教堂。从全文看,作者可能是位记者,采访完几位学生后就离开了。leave与find,reach和pass比较,leave是终结性意义的动作,与文章结束相一致。

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