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1.【2017年全国卷3】A Toronto is offering a free round-the-world air to the right woman. But restrictions apply. You must be named Elizabeth Gallahgher and have a Canadian passport.

Apply v.应用;申请;有关,涉及

2.【2017年全国卷3】He posted his offer on a social networking website, and received thousands of e-mails, including thirty from actual Elizabeth Gallagbers with the right passports.

Post      v.邮寄;发布(信息),发帖子    n.帖子

3.【2017年北京卷】She began to host Big Bosses lunches, where she would try to persuade local business leaders to contribute to the cause.

Cause   n.原因,理由;事业;理想;目标   v.导致

4.【2017年北京卷】In the more than five years since Hannah began her activities, she has received a lot of praises. For example, she received the 2007 BRICK Award recognizing the efforts of young   people to change the world.

Recognize    v.意识到;认出;公认,赏识,表彰

5.【2016年北京卷】The first musher, Shannon, picked up the medicine from the train at Nenana and rode all night.

Pick up 拾起,拿起;接载;学会;获得,赢得;逮捕

6.【2016年新课标三】Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out.

Work out    想出,制定出;解决;计算出;理解,弄懂;锻炼

7.【2016年新课标三】His words freed me from my bad dreams.

Free     adj. 免费的; 自由的; 空闲的; v. 释放; 免除; 使自由; 解救;

8.【2014年四川】In fact, they're hard to spot, because they usually fly off when they hear humans approaching.

Spot n.地点,斑点, v.认出,弄脏

9.【2014年安徽】As the meal drew to a close she asked how long I would be in Orlando.

Close v.关,结束,使靠近  adj.紧密的

10.【2014辽宁卷】It was already half past seven and I was running late again for the dinner appointment with my wife, Eleanor.

Appointment v.任命;约会

11.【2014辽宁卷】Then I told her about the business meeting. 47 , my explanation seemed to make things worse, which started to drive me mad as well.

Drive v.开车;驱使

12.【2014辽宁卷】Thinking more about Ken's words, I 56 recognized the root cause of such disagreement.

Cause v. 导致   n. 原因,理由;事业;理想;目标

13.【2014辽宁卷】 When I arrived at the 44 ,1 apologized and told Eleanor I didn't mean to be late. She screamed, "You never mean to." Well, I 45 tell she was angry.

Tell v.告诉;分辨;

14.【2014年天津卷】One night, when I was eight , my mother gently asked me a question I would never forget. “Sweetie, my company wants to 16 me but needs me to work in Brazil.

Company n.朋友;公司

15.【2014年天津卷】During my fourth-grade Christmas break, we flew to Rio to visit her.

Break v.坏;破   n.休息

16.2014山东卷Charlotte found herself operating on damaged limbs and setting broke bones, in addition to delivering all the babies in the area.

Operating n.手术  v.操作

17.【2013年四川】I was 14 to hospital and had to say there for weeks while the doctors 15 to save my life.

Save    v. 节省;拯救;存

18.【2013天津】As I held my father’s hands one night, I couldn’t help but notice their calluses(老茧)and roughness.

Notice     v. 注意到 n.通知

19.【2013天津】It was a challenging time for everyone, 27 Dad remained optimistic.

Remain     v.持续  n.残骸;遗体


1.【2017·新课标IIJust last year, I was 56 a workshop when someone knocked at the classroom door. 【D】

56. A. observing B. preparing            C. designing D. conducting

Conduct   v. 引导;指挥;组织;实施     n.行为,举止

2.【2017·天津卷】This combination of healing myself and healing the world 26 me as the perfect solution. 【D】

26.A.scared B. considered C. confused D. struck

Strike  v.让人觉得;碰,撞;自然灾害侵袭;突然想到;划,擦;报时;  n. 罢工

3.【2017·天津卷】As began my own personal weight program, I was filled with the fear that I would 28 the same difficulties that beat me before. 【B】

28.A. get over B. run into C. look for D. put aside

Run into   遇到(困难或不利局势);偶然遇见;(开车)撞上

4.【2017·天津卷】A year later, I 34 my goal: I lost 150 pounds and raised $50,000! 【B】

34.A. set B. reached C. missed D. dropped

Reach    v. 实现;到达,抵达;伸手(去取);联系,与……取得联系

5.【2017·江苏卷In his first years of high school, Gabriel would look pityingly at music students, struggling across the campus with their heavy instrument cases, 37at school for practice hours before anyone else had to be there. 【D】

37. A. rising up B. coming up C. driving up D. turning up

Turn up    调大(音量);出现,露面;到达

6.【2016年天津卷】She coughed and choked and could hardly 21 her first few weeks. 【B】

21. A. use B. survive C. save D. waste

Survive   v. 幸存;艰难度过;继续存在;比……活的时间长

7.【2016年四川卷】As shown here, Lainey can become excited about reading when 60 with literature on topics that interest her, and when the people around her model involvement in the reading process. 【A】

60.A. Presented B. concerned C. disturbed D .replaced

Present      adj.目前的,现在的;出席的      n.礼物    v.赠送;出现;介绍

8.【2015.北京One woman, Mrs. Gilbert, 48 Dario’s mother with a book of piano music by Chopin. 【B】

48. A. treated B. presented C. helped                      D. served

Present      adj.目前的,现在的;出席的      n.礼物    v.赠送;出现;介绍

9.【2015.湖北】He would have to go home too, carrying the papers__33_money. 【A】

33. A. instead of B. in return for C. regardless of  D. in exchange for

Instead of     代替;而不是

10.【2015.湖北】He_35__as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers. 【B】

35. A. gave in B. broke down C. got away D. showed up

Break down   出故障;失败;关系破裂;分解;身体垮掉

11.【2015.浙江As they left student life behind, many had a 23 drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with longtime roommates, and 24 out of small apartments into high buildings. 【B】

24. A. cycled B. moved C. slid D. looked

Move     v. 行动; 搬家; 进展; (机器等) 开动; 提议; 使感动;变化;

12.【2015.浙江The thing is, a number of them have 26 that despite their success, they aren’t happy. 【C】

26. A. advertised     B. witnessed C. admitted D. demanded

Admit     v.承认;录取;接纳,容许

13.【2015.浙江In a society that tends to 38 everything in terms of dollars and cents, we learn from a young age to consider the costs of our 39 in financial terms. 【D】

39. A. disasters        B. motivations C. campaigns D. decisions

Campaign    n. 运动; 战役; 竞选运动; 季节性竞赛; v. 作战; 参加

14.【2015.重庆】 People are living longer because more people _8___ childhood. 【A】

8. A. survive B. enjoy C. remember D. value

Survive   v. 幸存;艰难度过;继续存在;比……活的时间长

15.【2014年江西卷】Dad had tightened your neck bolts (螺栓) too much ! I just 49 them slightly ! 【A】

49.A. adjusted B. collected C. produced D. covered

Cover     v.覆盖;报道;足以支付,行走(一段路程)    n.封面

16.【2014年江苏卷】 It was a need that he first 36 back in 1906 when young Dale was a junior at State Teachers College in Warrensburg. 【D】

36. A. admitted B. filled C. supplied D. recognized

Admit     v.承认;录取;接纳,容许

17.【2014年江苏卷】During this period Dale was slowly 44 an inferiority complex (自卑感), which his mother knew could 45 him from achieving his real potential. 【C】

44. A. gaining B. achieving C. developing D. obtaining

Develop   v. 发展; 形成; 生长; 开发; 研制; 冲洗(胶片);

18.【2014课标卷2&大纲卷】He couldn’t walk, but he __54_____ to get out of the crevasse and started to move towards their camp, nearly ten kilometers away. 【A】

54. A. managed B. planned      C. waited         D. hoped

Manage     v.管理;设法做成

19.【2014年北京卷】 Mr. Brown waited a while before saying, “  this student worked so hard on the posters, she deserves a 52 , too. 【A】

52. A. prize B. rank C. rest D. place

Rest      n.休息       adj.剩余的

20.【2014年北京卷】Everyone started to 55 their hands. Suzy Khan gave them a shy smile and the applause was deafening. 【A】

55. A. clap B. wave C. raise D. shake

Raise v. 升起 ;养育;筹集

21.【2014辽宁卷】When I arrived at the restaurant,1 apologized and told Eleanor I didn't mean to be late. She screamed, "You never mean to." Well, I 45 tell she was angry. 【A】

45. A. could B. must C. will D. might

Will n.愿意;意志力   v. 决心要; 将(财产等)遗赠某人; 用意志力驱使(某事发生);想要

22.【2014年天津卷】This is like your teacher telling that you’ve done 17 and allowing you to skip a grade(跳级), but you’ll have to 18 your friends. 【C A】

My mother is now back with us. But I will never forget what the 33 has really taught me. 【B】

17. A. little         B. much C. well D. wrong

18. A. leave B. refuse          C. contact       D. forgive

33. A. question B. experience C. history      D. occasion

Well n. 井; adj.健康的 adv. 好地

Leave v. 离开;落下; 剩下

Experience  n. 经验;经历

23.【2014年山东卷】There was a pet store and the owner had a parrot. One day a ___11___ walked in and the parrot said to the man, “Hey you!” The man said, “What!?” The parrot said, “Your wife is really ugly.”

The old bird shook out its ____19___feathers and relaxed in its cage. A couple of weeks ___20___ and in walked this guy and his wife again. 【C D】

11. A. group B. team C. couple D. crowd

20. A. lasted B. arrived C. appeared D. passed

Crowd        v.拥挤    n. 人群

Last          v.持续;上个

24.【2014年山东卷】But charlotte had been practicing without a license. She had 34 a doctor’s license in both Montreal and Winnipeg, but was 35 . The Manitoba college of Physicians and Surgeons, an all-male board, wanted her to 36 her studies at a Canadian medical college! Charlotte refused to 37 her patients to spend time studying what she already knew. 【BA】

35. A. punished    B. refused C. blamed D. fired

37. A. leave B. charge C. test D. cure

Fire             n. 火; v. 开除

Charge          v. 找零;负责;充电

25.【2014年广东卷】The research, conducted by St. George University, shows that different parents have different 6 to these problems.【A】

6. A. approaches B. contributions C. introductions D. attitudes

Approach v.接近,靠近    n.方法,途径

26.【2014年四川】As spring went and summer came, Mildred started to 23 more and more often. 【B】

23. A. give up B. come out C. turn over D. fly by

come out 出版,出现

27.【2014年四川】When hunting season opened, we put a 27 at the end of our driveway asking hunters not to shoot our pet grouse.【B】

27. A. lantern B. sign C. gun D. loudspeaker

Sign v.签署,签名    n.迹象,符号,记号,招牌

28.【2014年重庆卷】He had a real gift for handling chores (家务活), 19 me from unpleasant repair jobs. 【B】

19. A. attracting B. sheltering C. driving D. prohibiting

Shelter n.避难所  v.保护,躲避,避难

29.【2013北京卷】She often sees double and can’t 38 how far away things are. 【A】

38. A. tell B. guess C. assume D. predict

Tell  v.告诉;辨别;判定

30.【2013北京卷】 Lola doesn’t want to be 48 differently from the other girls on her team.【A】

48. A. greeted B. treated C. served D. paid

Treat   v. 对待;招待;治疗

31.【2013北京卷】She is presently at level 7 while the highest is level 10 in gymnastics. Her 52 is to reach level 9. 【D】

52. A. standard B. range C. view D. goal

View      n.视野;风景;观点      v.把……视为,观看

32.【2013重庆卷】 42 by his newfound success. Joe moved quickly throughout the room. 【C】

Relieve    v.意识到实现

33.【2013辽宁卷】Looking at her little home, she _55 __ that she had been living in her golden house filled with love and care. 【C】

55. A. imagined B. decided C. realized D. guessed

Realize v.意识到实现

34.【2013年四川】 Even though I was used to regular insults(侮辱) because of the 11 on my head, it was 12 horrible to hear. 【A】

12. A. still B. just C. never D. seldom

Still  adv.仍然; conj. 但是; adj. 静止的

35.【2013天津卷】On one of those hot mornings I was picking sweet corn with my dad to fill the last 18 from the grocery store. 【A】

16. A. order B. form C. gap D. position

Order     n. 订单;命令 v. 命令;要求

36.【2013天津卷】Only then did I truly begin to 29 Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard times. 【B】

17. A. face B. appreciate C. examine D. question

Appreciate   v.理解;感谢;欣赏

37.【2013天津卷】 Dad,the life 35 I have learned from you will stay with me forever. You are my father, teacher, friend and, most importantly, my hero. 【D】

18. A. history B. motto C. patterns D. lessons

Lesson     n. 教训;课

38.2013新课标】Its wheels were not 42 . Then I wondered where to put my 43 . It took me quite a while to get the metal footrest into 44 . I took my first uneasy look at what was to be my only means of 45 for several hours. For disabled people, “adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary(临时的) 46 .

I tried to find a 47 position and thought it might be restful, 48 kind of nice, to be 49 around for a while. Looking around, I 50 I would have to handle the thing myself?

44. A. place B. action C. play D. effect

48. A. yet B. just C. still D. even

Play   v.玩; n.电视剧

Still  adv.仍然; conj. 但是; adj. 静止的



1.【2017年全国卷3】Jordan Axani, 28, said he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May

Then   adv.那时,当时;然后,后来    adj.那时的

2.【2015.陕西As usually I helped him carry his bags into his study.

Study    v.学习  n.研究;书房

3.【2014年湖南卷】Mom clearly explained her reasons for this lesson.

Lesson n.课程;经验,教训

4.【2014年广东卷】According to a recent research, the most common argument between parents and teenagers is that regarding untidiness and daily routine tasks.

Regarding prep. 关于,至于

5.【2014年福建卷】My father had longed to play music since childhood, but his family was poor and couldnt afford lessons.

Long adj.长的   v.渴望

6.【2014年浙江卷】I was a new teacher, and I gave an honest account of the students work.

Account    n.账户;描述

7.【2014年江西卷】Dad was sleeping next to her, resting his head on his arms .

Rest     n. 休息; 剩余部分; 支持物; 宁静,安宁; v. (使) 休息; (使) 倚靠

8.【2014年江苏卷】Now other students were coming to him for coaching and they, in turn, were winning contests.

Coach    n.教练     v.辅导,指导

9.【2013新课标卷2】It runs in the family. Michael's father always helped the poor as he believed it made everyone happier.

Run      v.跑;延续,持续

10.【2013江西卷】Diane slipped into the water and dived 48 until white caps began rolling in and it became harder to 49 against the current (水流).

Current    adj.当前的    n.水流

11.【2013陕西卷】The tray, and its contents, fell on a man who was just about to take a bite of his sandwich.

Content  n. 内容,容量,目录    adj.满足的,满意的     v.使满足;含量

12.【2013陕西卷】We all lead busy lives and learning a language takes time.

Lead   v.引导,领导;过……的生活


1.【2017·新课标II only learned how to 53 the alphabet that day.

53. A. print B. write C. sign D. count

Sign v.签署,签名;打手语    n.迹象,符号,记号,招牌

2.【2017·新课标II soon realized that the silence was not unpleasant. 58 , if there had been any talking, it would have caused us to learn less. 【C】

58. A Lastly B. Thus C. Instead D. However

Instead    adv.代替;相反地,反而
3.【2017·新课标IIThrough the years, I’d run into former students who would provide 51 on old classmates. 【D】

51. A. assessments B. comments          C. instructions D. updates

Update   v.更新    n.最新消息

4.【2017·天津卷】At my heaviest I weighed 370 pounds. I had a very poor relationship with food: I used it to 16 bad feelings, to make myself feel better, and to celebrate. 【C】

16.A.add B. mix C. kill D. share

Kill   v.杀死,扼杀;使停止;消磨时间

5.【2016年新课标一】Larry was 41 along 165 north after delivering to one of his customers. 【C】

41. A. walking B. touring C. traveling D. rushing

Travel   v.旅行;行程;前行

6.【2016年新课标一】One more look and he noticed flames shooting out from under the 46 vehicle. 【B】

46. A. used B. disabled C. removed D. abandoned

Disabled     adj.残疾的;丧失能力的;无效的,不能运转的

7.【2016年新课标二】One morning, I had to 50 an immediate flight home for a family emergency. 【D】

50. A. arrange B. postpone C. confirm D. book

Book    n.书     v.预定

8.【2016年天津卷】She had a 26 intention within herself to be the best she could be. 【B】

26. A. rich               B. weak C. firm D. kind

Firm   adj.稳固的,坚定的     n.公司

9.【2016年天津卷】Looking around, he continued, “Cathy has inspired us with her 32 and enthusiasm. 【B】

32. A. humor B. will C. honesty                D. wisdom

Will n.愿意;意志力   v. 决心要; 将(财产等)遗赠某人; 用意志力驱使(某事发生);想要

10.【2016年浙江卷】I watched for the desert sunsets, and hunted for seashells that had been left there millions of years ago when the desert had been an ocean 35 【A】

35. A. floor B. surface C. rock D. level

Floor      n.地板;洋底

11.【2016年四川卷】But Lainey took one look at it, 43 her eyes, and said, “Borring!” 【C】

43.A opened B. dried C. rolled D. shaded

Roll    v.滚动; 辗; 使(眼球等)左右转动; (使) 原地转圈 n.名册

12.【2016年四川卷】“Nice try , Aunt Dede,” Lainey replied 52 from the back seat. 【A】

52.Asourly B. patiently C. eagerly D. shyly

Sourly       adv.酸酸地;尖酸地,坏心眼地;闷闷不乐地

13.【2015.湖北】You dont know the __36_of selling papers. 【D】

36. A. difficulty B. process C. goal D. secret

Secret     n.秘密,机密; 诀窍   adj. 隐秘的; 神秘的; 秘密的,机密的;

14.【2015.浙江As they left student life behind, many had a 23 drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with longtime roommates, and 24 out of small apartments into high buildings. 【A】

23. A. last B. least C. second D. best

Last     n. 最后; 末尾; 上个; v. 经受住; 到…之后; 够用; 足够维持(尤指某段时间);

adj. 最后的; 最近的; 最不可能的; 惟一剩下的;

15.【2015.浙江In a society that tends to 38 everything in terms of dollars and cents, we learn from a young age to consider the costs of our 39 in financial terms. 【A】

38. A. measure B. suffer         C. digest D. deliver

Measure      v.测量;衡量

16.【2015.浙江But what about the personal and social costs 40 in pursuing money over meaning? 【B】

40. A. assessed        B. involved C. covered D. reduced

Cover     v.覆盖;报道;足以支付,行走(一段路程)    n.封面

17.【2015课标Ⅰ】In the store, I asked each of my kids to __45___ something they thought our “friend” there would ___46___. 【C】

46. A. order B. supply C. appreciate D. discover

Appreciate    v.欣赏;感激;理解;欢迎

18.【2015.天津Days later, we made a(n) 23 —far below the asking price. Surprisingly, they didn’t 24 laugh at us. They renewed their offer 25 instead . 【B】

23. A. effort B. offer C. promise D. profit

Offer    v. 提供,给予; 提出,提议; 出价,开价; 表示愿意; n. 提议; 出价,开价; 试图; 求婚

19.【2015.江苏卷It 46 that among other things, he was an eighty-year-old writer. 【D】

46. A. came out B. worked out C. proved out    D. turned out

Work out    想出,制定出;解决;计算出;理解,弄懂;锻炼

20.【2015.四川The next time, I had my camera ready to record what you see here, one of several dozen such pictures,_28___she had a slice to eat, she never _29___ the one on her head. 【C】

29. A. welcomed B. required C. bothered D. expected

Bother    v.打扰;麻烦;费心,因……操心     n. 麻烦,操心; 累赘; 烦扰,吵闹; 讨厌的人

21.【2015.新课标1】We were ___48__ on cash ourselves, but… well, sometimes __49giving __ from our need instead of our abundance is _50 just _ what we need to do! 【B】

48. A. easy B. low C. soft D. loose

Low    adj.低的;矮小的;沮丧的;不足的

22.【2015.重庆】 I tried being firm, but it didn‘t 17 . I saw a dark future for my once sweet daughter. 【D】

17. A. remain B. match C. appear D. work

Work    n.工作;著作,作品   v. 奏效,起作用

23.【2015.陕西】 It 40 a happy and loving family. 【C】

40.A. affected B. broke C. meant D. supported

Mean     v.意味着;打算;产出……结果   adj. 吝啬的; 刻薄的; 破旧的; 残忍的 n. 平均数; 中间

24.【2015.福建】I'm not suggesting you 51 ignore problems, or that you pretend things are 52better than they are, but simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are— 53 at least

most of the time, and especially when it's not a really big 54 【B】










Deal       v.处理;分配;交易     n.交易;事情

25.【2014年重庆卷】. I knew it needed repairs badly, but it 16 me so much just to think of it.【A】

16. A. hurt B. puzzled C. cost D. disappointed

Hurt v.使受伤,损害,使疼痛,使痛心  n.痛苦,危害

26.【2014年湖南卷】It didnt make use of long muscles we used to throw a baseball,and it wasn’t a 40 operation like ice-skating.【C】

40. A. direct B. single C. smooth D. strange

Operation n.操作,经营,手术

Smooth    v.使光滑   adj.光滑的,顺利的,平稳的

27.【2014年福建卷】But though he was rooted in his past, he wasnt ___45_____there.【C】

45. A. educated B. protected C. stuck D. spoilt

Stick v. 刺,戳;坚持    adj.被卡住的,困住的

28.【2014年福建卷】Has he forgotten the ____48__?【C】

48. A. words        B. videos C. notes D. lessons

Note  n. 笔记;便条;纸币;音符;口气,调子        v.注意;特别提到,提出

29.【2014年福建卷】I worried, remembering those split seconds___49___ago when my mind would go blank and my fingers would ___50____. 【A】【B】

49. A. decades B. weeks          C. hours           D. moments

50. A. play          B. freeze C. click            D. adjust

Freeze   v.结冰,冻结;停住不动,呆住

30.【2013江苏卷】The locals knew nothing about me, 43 slowly, they started teaching me the 44 of being a neighbor.

44. A. benefit B. lesson C. nature D. art

Lesson  n. 课程;教训

31.【2013北京卷】At the competitions, the judges don’t know about her vision 49 . 【D】

49. A. pains B. stresses C. injuries D. problems

Stress  n.压力;重音   v. 强调

32.【2013重庆卷】The fourth grade even found him at the 37 of the class. Joe struggled day and night, but it did not 38 —until one stormy afternoon. 【B】

38. A. happen B. work C. finish D. last

Work    n.工作;著作,作品   v. 奏效,起作用

33.【2013湖北卷】He looked around cautiously as he 37 into the room where grain was stored and was quite 38 as he filled his bag with wheat. 【D】

37. A. broke B. marched C. paced D. stole

Stole     v.偷;偷偷溜进





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