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  1. 如果世界上曾经有那个人出现过,其他人都会变成将就。而我不愿意将就。
  Once your Mr. Right appears, the others will suddenly become insignificant and I hate to be one of them.
  2. 经过这么多年,我还是输给了你,一败涂地。
  After so many years, I am finally defeated by you, completely.
  3. 你跑的那么慢,我当初是怎么让你追上的?
  You run so slowly. How did you manage to catch me at that time?
  4. 其实等待并不可怕,可怕的是不知道何时是个尽头。
  It is not terrifying to wait. What terrifies is not to know when the end is.
  5. 一人花开,一人花落,这些年从头到尾,无人问津。
  I have been all alone these years. Nobody cares about me.
  6. 原来这些年,他痊愈的只是外表,有一种伤,它深入骨髓,在你看不见的地方肆虐。
  It turns out that he has nothing healed but his appearance. There is a kind of hurt that runs deep in the blood, getting rampant somewhere you don’t see.
  7. 世界上最痛苦的事,不是无能为力,而是当一切都触手可及,我却不愿伸出手去。
  The most painful thing in the world is not that I have could do nothing about it, but that I am unwilling to reach out my hand even though everything is easily accessible.
  8. 你转身的一瞬,我萧条的一生。
  You turn back, leaving me a world of depression.
  9. 于是在这个人群满满的偌大都市,我们以同样的心情固执地孤单着。
  In this large and crowded city, we live lonely and stubbornly, in the same mood.
  10. 世界上美丽的情诗有很多,但是最幸福的一定是这一句:执子之手,与子偕老。
  There are plenty of love poems. Among them, the most beautiful one must be “holding your hand and aging with you”.
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