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I 语言知识及应用 (共两节,满分45分)

第一节 完形填空 (共15小题;每小题2,满分30分)


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is one of life’s    1    questions and people have been debating about it for thousands of years. Now scientists believe they have solved this    2   . Researchers from Sheffield and Warwick Universities in England discovered the answer    3   . They used a super computer to observe the shell-making process while a new shell was    4   . Then they found one protein called OC 17 that is    5    for forming eggshell. This is only found inside a chicken’s body, which is proof that the    6    came first. The team was    7    looking at how animals and birds make eggshells but suddenly made their surprising    8   . The big question now is where chickens came from. The    9    is from dinosaurs.

The research team said eggshells are one of nature’s most    10    creations. Professor John Harding from the team told reporters:“ Understanding how chickens make eggshells is fascinating in itself, but it can also be    11    in designing new materials.” Eggshells are very lightweight but incredibly strong. Even the most up-to-date materials    12    by the world’s top engineers cannot produce anything as    13    as an eggshell. Professor Harding added that    14    eggshells could help to cure bone diseases and design materials for the construction industry.“ Nature has found wonderful ways that    15    for all kinds of problems in materials science and technology — we can learn a lot from them.” he said.

1.     A. strangest      B. best                C. oldest              D. closest

2.     A. puzzle          B. fact                C. history            D. opinion

3.     A. on purpose B. by chance      C. without hesitation    D. at work

4.     A. breaking     B. changing        C. disappearing D. forming

5.     A. necessary    B. easy               C. kind               D. impossible

6.     A. egg              B. eggshell         C. chicken          D. dinosaur

7.     A. obviously   B. originally      C. thoughtfully D. surprisingly

8.     A. invention    B. mistake          C. statement       D. discovery

9.     A. answer        B. research         C. road               D. egg

10.   A. common     B. ridiculous      C. funny             D. amazing

11.    A. interesting B. helpful           C. normal           D. correct

12.   A. bought        B. cut                 C. designed        D. carried

13.   A. brilliant      B. ordinary         C. 1ight              D. small

14.   A. finding        B. watching        C. studying        D. making

15.   A. happen        B. work              C. wait               D. look

第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题15,满分15分)


Have you ever asked yourself why children go to school? You will  16  probablesay that they go to learn languagesarithmetichistory, science and some other knowledgeThat is quite truebut why do they learn these things?

We send our children to school to prepare them for the time   17  they will be big and will have to work for   18  Nearly everything they study at school has some practical use in their lifeBut is that   19  only reason why they go to school?

There is more in education than just  20  1earnfactsWe go to school to learn how to learnso that when we have left school we can continue to learnA man  21   really knows how to learn will always be successfulbecause when he has to do something new, he will not only be able to do it well himself, he will also be able to teach others  22   to do it in the best wayThe  23   educatepersonon the other handis either unable to do something newor just  24  do it badlyThe purpose of schoolsthereforeis not to teach languagesarithmetichistory scienceetc.,   25   to teach pupils the way to 1eam

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