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New Entertainment Robots Produced in Japan

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内容提要:Seeing the robot perform, it is difficult to remember that there is no sentience (知觉) behind those glass eyes.

The dancers stand motionless at their position and the room grows silent. But as the music starts, they began to move, bending, turning and waving their fans gracefully as they perform a traditional Japanese dance. Yoshihiro Kuroki watches in silence, occasionally making motes. But as the dance ends, he beams with happiness. The performance has been flawless.
There have been many performances of traditional Japanese dances over the centuries, but this one is unique, because it is performed not by human dancers but by robots. And the performance takes place not in a dance studio but in a laboratory of Sony Corp.'s Entertainment Robot Co. in Shinagawa, Japan, where Kuroki is general manager. He is the mastermind behind a series of even more capable humanoid entertainment robots, starting with the Sony Dream Robot, or SDR, in 1997, up to the current QRIO in 2003.
These delightful machines are only 58 cm tall, about the size of a newborn infant, weigh about 7 kg, and move with 38 degrees of freedom, each with its own servomotor(辅助马达).
QRIO's predecessor, the SDR4X, announced in 2002, can walk, dance, sing, speak, recognize faces, and understand continuous speech. Each robot has two charge-coupled-device cameras to detect color and position and can locate a colored ball, move toward it, and kick it into a goal. It also has contact sensors in several joints to avoid pinching real human fingers. Seeing the robot perform, it is difficult to remember that there is no sentience (知觉) behind those glass eyes.
26. Which of the following is the most suitable title of this passage 
A). New Entertainment Robots Produced in Japan
B). QRIO --- the Robot Dancers
C). Robots --- Man's Best Friend
D). An Extraordinary Performance in Sony's Lab
27. Yoshihiro Kuroki __________.
A). is excited when the robots are performing a traditional Japanese dance
B) keeps silent because he is a little unsatisfied with the new product
C). witnesses the creation of a series of entertainment robots
D). is an executive manager of Sony Corp.
28. The word "humanoid" in Line 5 Para.2 means " ".
A). friendly to human beings B). related to human beings
C). having human characteristics D). made by human beings
29. Please arrange the three types of robots, SDR, QRIO and SDR4X, according to their production years, from the earliest to the latest
30. Which of the following is true according to this passage 
A). Without music, those new robots can perform a dance freely.
B). The unique performance of robots takes place in Japanese lab.
C).The SDR4X can recognize faces, understand speech and talk, but fails to perform singing and dancing.
D). Those robots can not only behave but also think like human beings.
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