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   1.Jane, I told you I don't like ________ when you go out with your friends every night.
   A.that       B.this   C.it      D./
   答案与解析:C 句意:简,我告诉过你我不喜欢你每天晚上和朋友出去。动词like后接从句作宾语时,常用it作形式宾语,然后再接从句。that, this均不可作形式宾语。
   2.Sometimes he found ________ very hard to fall asleep at night, so he went to see the doctor.
   A.him     B.this   C.that     D.it
   答案与解析:D 句意:他发现晚上有时候很难入睡,于是他就去看医生了。it作形式宾语,真正的宾语是to fall asleep at night。其他选项都不能作形式宾语。
   3.—Who is making such a noise?
   —________ must be the children.
   A.It      B.They   C.He     D.You
   答案与解析:A 句意:——谁弄出这么大噪音?——一定是孩子们。指代身份不明确的人时用it。
   4.From Mum's love, patience and understanding, I have learned what a huge responsibility ________ is to raise a child.
   A.this     B.that   C.it      D.one
   答案与解析:C 句意:从妈妈的爱心、耐心和理解中,我明白了养育孩子是一个多么重大的责任。it为形式主语,代替动词不定式to raise a child。
   5.News services make ________ for newspapers to give their readers news from around the world.
   A.it is possible   B.it possible   C.possible    D.possible that
   答案与解析:B 考查固定句型及代词it的用法。make后不可接从句,故A项被排除。题干中的不定式短语是make的真正宾语,it是形式宾语,构成常用结构make+it+adj.+for sb.+to do sth.。
   6.Dress neatly before the job interview. In most cases, it is first impressions ________ really count.
   A.which     B.what   C.how     D.that
   答案与解析:D 考查强调句。强调句子的主语。句意:在面试前要穿戴整洁,在多数情况下,第一印象很重要。
   7.—________ you write so well?
   —By reading and keeping diaries every day.
   A.How is it    B.What is it   C.How is it that   D.What is it that
   答案与解析:C 考查强调句型。问句是强调句的特殊疑问句形式,还原为陈述句是:It is by reading and keeping diaries every day that I write so well.其中对方式进行提问用how。
   8.It was in the Indian Ocean ________ it was sailing ________ a Chinese ship was hijacked by Somali pirates.
   A.where; which   B.where; that   C.that; when    D.that; which
   答案与解析:B 考查强调句和定语从句。被强调部分是in the Indian Ocean, ________ it was sailing为定语从句,引导词在从句中作地点状语,因此第一空填where;第二空与句首的It was构成强调句式,填that。
   9.Yet it was ________ the moment when he decided to explore what he had abandoned ________ his writing took off.
   A.when; then   B.not; until   C.not until; that   D.only; when
   答案与解析:C 考查强调句型。强调句的结构为:It is/was+被强调的部分+that/who+句子剩余部分,可译为“正是……”或“就是……”。句意:然而,直到他下决心(回头)探索自己曾经放弃过的东西的时候,他的作品才大受欢迎。
   10.I don't know how many years ago ________ people began to stay at home and civilization began.
   A.it was when   B.it was that   C.was it that    D.was it when
   答案与解析:B 考查强调句型。句意:我不知道多少年前人们开始呆在家中,文明由此开始。此句中被强调部分是how many years ago,去掉it was... that之后句子的正常语序是I don't know how many years ago people began to stay at home and civilization began.”。
   11.________ they found out why the plane crashed when they took out the black box.
   A.Not until long afterwards that   B.It was not until long afterwards that
   C.Not long until afterwards   D.It was long afterwards until
   答案与解析:B 考查强调句型。not until置于句首时句子要用倒装,A项没有倒装,C、D两项结构不正确。B项强调not until从句,不必倒装。句意:是在他们取出黑匣子不久之后弄清了飞机坠毁的原因。
   12.How long do you think ________ the car factory launches a new model?
   A.will it be until    B.it will be before   C.will be when    D.it will be that
   答案与解析:B 考查句型it will be... before...。it will be... before...意思是“过多长时间就……”。注意:do you think在此为插入语。
   13.________really makes me angry when I see people dropping litter.
   A.As      B.What   C.It       D.That
   答案与解析:C 考查it作形式主语的用法。句意:看到人们乱丢垃圾,我的确很生气。when从句是真正的主语,it是形式主语。
   14.—David, keep ________ in mind that you have to be home by 10 o'clock.
   —OK, Mom, I will.
   A.one      B.it   C.this      D.that
   答案与解析:B 考查it作形式宾语的用法。句意:——David,记住你得在10点前赶回家。——好的,妈妈,我会的。that从句是真正的宾语,it是形式宾语。
   15.We have made ________ clear that we are strongly against smoking in the office.
   A.one      B.it   C.this      D.that
   答案与解析:B 考查it作形式宾语的用法。句意:我们已经讲清楚我们强烈反对在办公室抽烟。that从句是真正的宾语,it是形式宾语。
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