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新人教版 高中英语Book 2 翻译答案

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内容提要:新人教版 高中英语Book 2 翻译答案

Unit 1 Culture Relics

1. 我拿不准这本书是谁的。(belong to)

I’m not quite sure who this book belongs to.

2. 布朗先生来到中国寻找更美好的未来。(in search of)

Mr. Brown came to China in search of a better future.

3. 他为了做沙发而拆掉了两把椅子。(take apart)

He took apart two old chairs in order to make a sofa.

4. 约翰提到了几个法官的名字,他对他们评价不高。(think highly of)

John mentioned the names of a few judges whom he did not think highly of.

5. 毫无疑问,搜寻那些丢失文物的工作还会继续下去。(no doubt; search of)

There is no doubt that the search for those culture relics will continue.

6. 当时两个国家正在打仗,大批军队被派往前线(战斗)。(at war; troops of)

When two countries were at war troops of soldiers were sent to the front line to fight.

7. 她给了我食物和衣服,没求任何回报。(in return)

She gave me food and clothes and she did not ask for anything in return.

 Unit 2 the Olympic Games

1. 只有在希腊出生的人才能成为古代奥运会的参赛者。(ancient; Greece; admit; competitor)

Only those who were born in Greece could be admitted as competitors in the ancient Olympic Games.

2. 运动员们一个接一个地离开了奥运村。(one after another)

One after another the athletes left the Olympic village.

3. 他和儿子抬价还价后答应他:如果孩子努力学习,他就带他去看2008年北京奥运会。(bargain; promise)

He made a bargain with his son and promised him that he would take him to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games if he worked hard.

4. 有许多运动员虽然没有为自己赢得奥运奖牌的荣誉,却以运动家的精神帮助别人实现梦想。(athlete; glory; medal; sportsmanship)

There were many athletes who did not win the glory of an Olympic medal for themselves, but helped others to realize their dream by their sportsmanship.

5. 志愿者将帮助人们找到前往体操馆和体育场的正确的路。(volunteer; gymnasium; stadium)

Volunteers will help people find their way to the gymnasia/gymnasiums and stadia/stadiums)


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