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新人教版 高中英语Book 1 翻译答案

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Unit 1
1. 你把所有的数加起来就会知道
You will know the result when you add up all the numbers.
2. 我们努力想让他平静下来,但他还是激动地大叫。
We tried to calm him down but he kept shouting excitedly.
3. 玛丽在医院里住了很长一段时间后,恢复了健康。
After a long stay in hospital Mary recovered.
4. 李鸣在这里定居后,和邻居们相处得很好。
Since Li Ming settled here, he has got along well with his neighbours.
5. 如果你不想和我在一起,你就收拾东西走人。
If you don’t want to stay with me, you can pack up and go.
6. 战争期间,我受了很多苦。我用日记记下自己的经历,以便老了以后能够记住。
During the war, I suffered a lot. I wrote my diary to set down my experiences, so I would remember them when I was old.
Unit 2
1. 博物馆要求参观的游客不得在馆内拍照。
Visitors are requested not to take photos in the museum.
2. 邓小平在中国经济的发展过程中起着非常重要的作用。
Deng Xiaoping played an important part in developing the economy in China.
3. 记者问作家他作品的人物是以谁为原型的。
The reporter asked the writer who he based his characters on.
4. 她说,我会穿一件红色的长大衣,这样你肯定能认出我来
“I’ll be wearing a long red coat so you’ll be sure to recognize me,” she said.
5. 沿着这条路走三个街区,然后右转,医院就在你的左边。
Go along the road for three blocks and then turn right. You’ll see the hospital on you left.
6. 我们有很多工作要做,所以要利用好时间。
We have a lot of work to do, so we have to make good use of time.
7. 他直接去了纽约,没在香港停留。
He went straight to New York, without stopping in Hong Kong.
8. 这座城市在初夏季节常下雨。
Rains are frequent in this city in early summer.
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