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来源:高中英语教学交流 发布时间:2011-10-04 15:09:36 查看次数:

  1. Normal正常版:

  I believe it,whether you believe it or not.

  2. College exam(High score)四六级作文高分版:

  I don’t care whether you believe it or not. I just do.

  3. Google 谷歌机翻版:

  As you believe, I believed anyway.【注】意思完全颠倒有没有?

  4. Shakespeare莎翁版:

  Tis not mine interest wherest thy mind doth stand, for mine own thoughts shan’t e’er be swayed by thee.

  【注】tis = it is

  Mine = my

  Thy = your

  Thee = you (When "you" is the object of the sentence.)

  *must be written in iambic pentameter (rhythm of pairing ten syllables for each line into five pairs)

  5. Rap版:

  Uh, yo check it. Don’t be hollering at me about yo beliefs 'Cause imma tell it to you straight right here, before you open yo  mouth, you’re gonna see that I really don’t give a damn, we clear?

  【注】Yo = hey (1) /your (2)

  Imma = im going to

  Cause = because

  Check it = listen

  to give a damn about sth. 在意,重视

  *Raps have to rhyme as well.

  6. GRE版:

  Nevertheless, I will not put your ideas into any consideration as I continue to uphold my beliefs as to what is true.


  7. Colloquial Slang:Even if you don’t buy it, I do.

  【注】Buy it 有"相信""接受某种说法"的意思

  8. Online chat/MSN:

  w/e, I believe it no matter wut.

  【注】w/e = whatever

  wut = what

  9. Lady Gaga版:

  Oh oh, oh oh

  I believe it, whether you believe it or not

  Oh oh, oh oh

  I believe it, whether you believe it or not

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