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内容提要:A reading teaching plan for My First Work Assignment
A reading teaching plan for My First Work Assignment
广州市第41中学    梁少君

  I course background (analysis of the teaching material) 教材分析
  This teacher-adapted task-based reading from Unit 4, Module 5 by People’s Education Press, is designed to consolidate and improve students’ reading skills. This material used is a semi-controlled reading composed of skimming and intensive reading (reading for details)。
  II class background 学情分析
  It is a large group of 50 members who just graduated from middle school where they were seldom instructed in English, not to mention reading skills. They lack interest in reading English and have great difficulties in finish reading comprehension task in a limited amount of time. In view of the importance of English and the pressure from UEE, they wish to broaden their vocabulary and improve their reading skills needed for the MET exam. They badly need help and guidance to improve their reading.  
  III teaching aims 教学目标
  A. language knowledge 语言知识目标
  1. vocabulary
  To help students with the necessary words related with report terms.
  2. function
  To introduce both words and useful expression_rs in a nearly real-life situation.
  3. topic
  To introduce some knowledge related to the journalist.
  B. language skills  语言技能目标
  1. reading skills
  to help students learn how to skim a text for detailed information in 2-3minutes.
  to be able to recognize the location of topics and supporting details.
  2 logical skills
  A to make a travel plan in a logical and sensible way
  C. learning strategy 学习策略目标
  1. cognitive strategy 认知策略
  to focus on teacher’s instruction and make use of reading skills in actual life
  to summarize general ideas from separate sentences
  2. adjusting strategy 调控策略
  to learn how to get chances and help from others when having difficulties.
  to exchange personal ideas about target tasks with others (teacher)
  3. communicative strategy 交际策略
  to learn to refer to reconcile with others because of different opinions
  to be brave to speak out personal ideas different from others
  D. affect and attitude 情感态度
  to love reading in English, or at least to maintain interest in English
  to like to overcome learning difficulties,
  to be willing to share with others his /her own writing

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