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    A translation-based writing teaching plan for Life in the future

    Module  5      Unit  3

    广州市第41中学    赵玉书

    I course background (analysis of the teaching material) 教材分析

    This teacher-adapted translation-based writing, an extension of Unit 3, Module 5 by People's Education Press, is designed to consolidate and improve students' writing skills. This material used is a semi-controlled writing composed of the first 5 Chinese sentences and later a coherent Chinese passage needed to put into English, with two purposes. The first is the integration of knowledge and skills to use what is learned into written communication; and the second is the integration of linguistic and non-linguistic targets to understand the further development of future life to build up ambition to learn more for future challenges.

    II class background 学情分析

    It is a large group of 50 members on the E-level (第五组生源) with more interests in the science subjects. They have intermediate level English and wish to broaden their vocabulary and improve their 5-sentence writing skills needed for the MET exam. They badly need help and guidance to improve their writing because they lack necessary words and basic grammar acceptable in the exam.

    III teaching aims 教学目标

    A.language knowledge 语言知识目标


    To help students with the necessary words, phrases and drills related to Life in the future.


    To integrate the learning of words and the use of language in a nearly real-life situation.


    To write a summary for the text Life in the future

    B. language skills  语言技能目标

    1. logical skills

    To help students learn the importance of information processing by putting the sentences into good order.

    2. writing skills

    To guide students to do a simple translation with the help of the teacher, including:

    a. to write with correct words choice

    b.to write with correct “SV”- sentence structure

    c. to write at least 4 correct sentences out of the 8

    C. learning strategy 学习策略目标

    1.cognitive strategy 认知策略

    to focus on teacher's talk and be able to take in the target sentence structure for creative use

    to generalize language rules from teacher's language examples

    2.adjusting strategy 调控策略

    to learn how to get chances and help from others when having difficulties.

    to exchange personal ideas about writing with others (teacher)

    3.communicative strategy 交际策略

    to learn to refer to others' writing for improvement

    to be brave to speak out personal ideas different from others

    D.affect and attitude 情感态度

    to love writing practice, or at least to continue learning writing

    to like to overcome learning difficulties,

    to be willing to share with others his /her own writing

    E. cultural awareness  文化意识

    to be willing to know more information about the future cars and build up interest in this topic

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